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June 27, 2008


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"Ellie is my good baby"

I am laughing my ass off. No joke.


hee hee hee! they are SO cute, and abby looks quite proud of herself there. i wish i could reach through the screen to squish those squishable cheeks on little sam, gaaah!


Karen, you MUST tell me where that pretty pink nightgown is from! I must have it :) Are all 3 babies in the same room? Monkey see, monkey do, you know.... She looks pretty proud of herself in that picture.

At least you have one good baby! haha One more than I got.


They are adorable!


LOL.. oh yes, our mattresses have been lowered. This crawling thing is killing me... i can't sit down for one second! I love your not labeling disclaimers, because i find myself constantly doing that. "You should never say 'the good one' or the 'happy one'...but Katie is the happy one!!" :)


Yeah, Hudson also figured out how to stand in his crib so we spent last weekend lowering all 3 crib mattresses. Fun times!


I think my favorite part about the first picture is that she is wearing a little nightgown. Man that is cute.


You're in for big trouble (and big fun) now! They are so cute!


o no! but how cute so you can't really be too upset :)


Your children are so seriously awesomely adorable! I got a kick out of the rocking/scooting almost crawling video, too!


Hee hee...I told you once they got mobile to look out HEE HEE.

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