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June 04, 2008


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somebody is a little sleepy...

Ela Beach

I'm delurking to leave a comment for the first time. The anonymous commenter above me is an idiot. We all have moments where we need to vent, where we need more sleep, need help (even if we're not sure how or why). Personally, I think you're amazing with what you manage to do in a day and week with working fulltime and the 4 kids! Please know that most of us lurkers are incredibly supportive of what you do and I'm sorry that some anonymous people feel the need to be mean. Ela


oh man, asshole anonymous. very annoying. ok, virtually kicking him in the nuts (if it's a woman, she can get a kick in the ass. harumph!!)i don't blog about every minute of my day, how could i possibly?? and so, i don't assume you do the same. i also get the concept of writing it down, putting it in perspective and taking a second look. and i admire you a lot! i have three little ones and yet i still don't see how you do it! ;)




Hey anonymous! Why dont you try and raise triplets AND a 4 year old!!And Karen, dont let these people get to you! they have no lifes what so ever. Your doing a great job.God Bless!


I was planning on commenting on your last post and just somehow didn't get there. But I am TRULY in AWE of how incredibly TOGETHER you are! I only just have my two little twinsies (I posted once before - they're 2 days older than your trips) and also work full time but truly cannot get done with two what you manage with 4! Your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes - all the wonderful little things that these little ones do day to day that make us so happy. It's really incredible!


This anonymous dude is really getting on my friggin' nerves. I just want to know what brought them here?! What the heck man... Go away... Go pick on someone your own size. jerk.


Somebody needs to go to Anger Management......


I really hate the annonymous option. Be man/woman and stand up and be counted. This isn't a national election its a blog. If you have something to say; say it. Its a free country, but stand up and at least leave your name and or email address.Further, until you walk even an inch in someone shoes who has experienced infertility, miscarriage or both go back under what ever rock it is that you climbed out from under. Now before you comment further, yes I know I need anger management, but at least I post under a name, and not an annon cloak.


I'm glad your week is looking better. Sometimes when things get so completely overwhelming, I think it's actually a good thing. I find that when I reach that point, I am better at finding the solutions I need. Anyway, the week is half over now so that's a very good thing!


you know, i've never understood people leaving asshole comments on blogs just for the hell of it. seriously! from all of your posts it sounds like you're doing a fabulous job with your family and you're right, everyone, parent or not, has those days where they are just truly overwhelmed with everything they have to get done. kudos to you for writing it out, taking it all in and then dealing with it.i really hope you don't let the a-hole anon commenters get to you. lots of love to you, seth and all the kiddos!

lucky #2

I have been absolutely amazed with how you have managed over the past year. You are such a strong woman and one bad day gets you attacked by someone.anonymous needs to get a life.


What a moron, I find you coping with your situation to be inspiring! I'd like to see that person handle the things that you do.


Sounds like you've got yourself a troll. What a passive-aggressive your commenter is. Almost a little funny because really, how stupid can one person get, but mostly she/he is just a f**cktard.When I read your post, I was thinking, damn - I have those days without any kids (we've been in IF hell for years now), and here you are with four. I figure if a few words on a blog help get you through a stressful day, you go girl. And all the better for us who enjoy the little glimpses you give us into your lives.I harbor no doubts that I wouldn't get through it nearly as gracefully.-J


Here-here Karen!! Well said - every f***ing word of it. Funny how the "anons" (granted not all of them) have the balls to say whatever when hidden. Come out from behind the shadows jackass.

Beth amp; Steven

My advice... completely ignore the jerk anonymouser. He/she is obviously leaving obnoxious comments now just to get a rise out of you. It's ridiculous and so immature. Not worth a moment of your precious time and energy.Yep, I did leave a question on Jessica's blog on how you two became friends. You both seem *awesome* to me. Any chance you guys live in DC and want to get together for a playdate? :)


so sorry that you had to receive a comment like this! I have three boys and I agree there are days when it would be easy to run outside and scream. Days when I wonder how in the world will I make it to bedtime. But those days are few and far between and I believe a normal part of being a parent. And just like my relationship with any of my other family and friends, there are ups and downs. Some days are easier that others and that is life! I think you had some great answers for them! NCLM


Congrats on your wonderful family that you are obviously head over heels in love with! As a teacher, I only wish all my students had a mother who took such care and time with her children. People can be so rude. Sorry that you had to experience that. Praying for precious rest and peace for you. Thanks for letting us enjoy a view into your sweet life.JoAnn in MI


what if it's not just ONE anonymous poster?!? then what happens??


Sadly, I love this, "If you don't like it, screw you". You rock sista. Cuz seriously, screw them.

Rachel Inbar

Just a comment about having more kids - even if you did feel overwhelmed now, kids grow up and things calm down (there are other issues, of course, but it's never going to be the same as it is now). Personally, I think I'd just delete any annoying comments and ignore them completely. Answering gives that person too much satisfaction...


Karen, you are so real and I absolutely love you for it. Brava!


Oh Karen, I hadn't checked your blog in a week. You were justified being overwhelmed. I have been overwhelmed less than that over the nearly 13 years of being a mom. An out of town husband used to put me over the edge. Hang in there and don't listen to the idiots. Tomorrow is usually better, LOL!


Congratulations. You're doing great. I sometimes don't do that well with my one.And really, PLEASE don't beat up on yourself. Everyone has bad days. Seems like you got a little overwhelmed thinking of the week, but then you came through it great. As for J, you say you're going to an OT. Are you pleased with your OT? My brother's son had good results with something called a "sensory diet" which is a series of exercises designed to deal with sensory stimulation problems.

Casey's trio

Phew....sorry about the a-hole commentor. I really hate how people get so judgemental about others and feel the need to comment about it.I'm glad that the majority of commentors are supportive as well as your "real-life" friends and family.HUGS!

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