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June 03, 2008


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yikes that makes me sweat just reading it! prayers going out for your strength


And this is exactly why I like blogging so much. You can just whine away and no one will interrupt you. I'm keeping good thoughts for you, hoping that things go as smoothly as possible this week.


Wow, sounds like a horrible week. Good luck!P.S. I think once in this post, you forgot to just write "J"...


This is going to sound like a stupid question but... Is there someone who could go and grocery shop for you? Or couldn't you order groceries online? Hope your week is actually a lot better than the predictions!


Wow...that's all I can say to that! Hopefully the week will go by fast. Sending lots of positive thoughts and big hugs!


I shouldn't smile, but I can't help it. I also can't help but think of Trace Atkins "Your Gonna Miss This" If you get a chance in your 'down time' you tube it...I know you don't think so now...but there will come a time when your house is quiet, the kids will be out on dates, your hubby will be in the den and you are going to realize how much you miss those little babies that kept you hopping...of course then you will be able to climb into bed and get a good nights sleep...so perhaps not :)

Aunt Becky

Here from NCLM. You're making my head spin, love! Good luck!

The Town Criers

You didn't miss a lot with the board meeting and I have notes for you :-)No good advice; just a hug. A lot of empathy.


Sorry things are so hectic. Can you have the groceries delivered? It seems like that's the only solution right now. I hope you get a break soon!


If there's one thing I can tell you, it's that I love you... I wish that I could magically beam myself there to be with you and help you do all the things that make you a supermom in MY eyes. Even though I know you don't really NEED my help, I find that when you and I do things together, I smile a little more, giggle a little harder, and my heart feels so much lighter... You'll get through this, you always do. Keep it up, and don't forget to take that cape off when you go to bed. I'd hate for it to get wrapped around Seth... :)::HUGS::


sweetness, you have to stop doing so much. For starters1. Your babies really don't need much, if any, solid food right now. Give them some bits and pieces to nibble on if you get the chance while J is eating (bits of ripe pear, banana, avocado, steamed broccoli if you have the time to make it, steamed carrot, rice cakes spread with philly, toast etc.). They get enough nutrition from milk, and they will be learning to feed themselves. See www.babyledweaning.co.uk for more info2. If you really want to feed them purees, buy jars. It's ridiculous that you are adding making purees onto your life. If the UK has places that will deliver organic baby meals, I would bet my life the US does too. I'll even google it for you if you don't have the energy yourself.3. For heavens sake don't tidy up for your cleaner. She can tidy herself, or just clean around the mess. 4. Groceries - isn't there somewhere which will deliver? Again, all the UK supermarkets do, so I'm sure there must be something similar where you are. At least the basics. 5. can't the nanny make up the bottles herself?Please cut yourself some slack and let the systems around you help you. You need a break. You're not whiny, you're overwhelmed, it's different.


What about Peapod grocery delivery through Giant? I know that they aren't the best with organics, but at least you'd have food.

Cindy amp; Brian

I so feel for you sister! I get so burned up when people tell me to sleep when the babies sleep. They just don't get it! And you've got one more kid! Holy crap!!! I think sometimes people's advice does NOT help.You really are doing a fantastic job, although I know that if feels endless. YOu do not sound whiny...you sound real. I love it.I wish I could puree your food for you so you have your babyfood taken care of.I am wishing you extra hours in the day and good rest!Delicious cookie btw!

My Reality

I could bake you cookies. Online grocery shopping with home delivery could just be your new best friend. Is there an online service near you? I have used it a few times and it is great.


I am so sorry you are experiencing such stress and sleep deprivation. You have many blessings and you've gone through greater hells, but frustration is frustration.I bet someone from your shul would be more than willing to pick up chicken and produce for you. Allow yourself to ask for help! If not, perhaps you can place an order with an online service during a lunch or pumping break at work.Does the four-year-old often fight with you about eating, or might this be a request for attention? Perhaps some extended, special one-on-one, just for fun time with him in future weeks would help.I bet you are going to rest well this Shabbat!


amazing! very hectic. i am feeling a bit overwhelmed myself, but i'm not nearly as busy as you are (and oh, do i hate the fighting with the oldest one to get things done part. very sucky)i'll make you some cookies. or, i would except i'm so darn tired all the time! ;)


here from NCLM....laughing through the tears, because, honey, I don't know how you do HALF of what's on your plate. Seriously. Let me just say that a) you are not a spoiled brat for having a cleaning lady--holy crap--FOUR KIDS and working fulltime? No way you are a spoiled brat. b) is there a grocery delivery service in your area? It could be worth EVERY PENNY. c) hang in there. This too shall pass. It may be another 10 years, but it will pass :)


Why don't you sleep instead of taking all this time to type this all out? Why are you paying for a Nanny and a housekeeper if you say you can't afford groceries?Don't you think J is acting out because of the triplets?I think in a previous post, you said you wanted more children. Maybe you should re-think this because from what you have stated I don't think it would be wise financially or emotionally.


Hey Anonymous at 8:46, stop giving us Anonymouses a bad name!


What an amazingly rough week you are facing...I can feel the stress building from here! And I hear you, loud and clear. While I do think you could probably get everything done SOMEHOW (like never sleeping, eating or peeing), I also know that letting some things slide in no way reflects on who you are as a person and as a rock-star MoM. There were days when my twins did not get solids at a particular meal, and we were all okay for it, although I did fret quite a bit about it. There were also days when I called in my MIL, or ordered in pizza or cancelled a meeting. Thankfully, I have never had a week yet, that I haven't made it through! :) Although, many of them are lacking grace and sleep!My area doesn't have grocery delivery services, but if they did, I would definitely use them. Any chance your Triplet-Mom-babysitting-friend would pick up some groceries for you? And I hear you on the $, everything seems to be going up and up!


is it wrong i was laughing? my three youngest are a bit younger than yours and my oldest is 1 yr younger than J, so i completely get what you're writing...you just related my day - especially cancelling going out w/your husband b/c it was too stressful. we've done the same thing.

Beth amp; Steven

You impress me every day. Seriously. I'm a SAHM with only one kiddo (14 months) and I still feel very overwhelmed at times. I also watch the clocks some nights, waiting for my husband to get home to play with my son. And, once again, I only have ONE kid. Fortunately, he is the most amazing and lovable kid in the world but he's also incredibly active. Kudos to you for being able to raise such a wonderful family. I bet the kids never (well, rarely) even see you sweat! :) And, like another poster wisely commented, you are NOT whining, you're being REAL. THAT is why I love your blog. (And b/c you're an amazing writer and your kids are adorable)! Thanks, as always, for sharing your journey AND for being so real about how difficult some days (weeks, months) can be.


what thalia said re babies feeding themselves. I'm a total lazy bum. I sometimes open a can of peas and carrots, put them on the baby's high chair tray, and let her go at them for a while. Same with small cut up veggies, burgers, hot dogs, chicken breast, veggie hot dogs, veggie burgers (I cut them tiny)basically, I rarely mash anything for her and only occasionally spoon feed her. ====Otherwise, not much advice here. There are weeks like this. They actually go by really painfully but fast at the same time. And you're very wise to have a cleaning lady. Anonymous can shove it up his/her rear.


Just found your blog and can soooo relate!

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