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June 28, 2008


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My husband was proud of himself for knowing most of what you were talking about! I quizzed him. (he's a non-Jew)


The title is damned funny - even if you didn't come up with it. I need to find a way to work that in somewhere. I'll miss seeing you today, but I'm gonna look at the dates you gave me later and pick out a good one for us to yack away.


Space age polymer - that is GOOD! HA HA!
I usually say that they're made of plastic when asked the 'natural' question. People get either pretty confused or very uncomfortable.


Well, diseases are natural and (at least some ) medicines we use are purified from nature (like HCG). So I say, yes, they are natural!


i appreciate the explanation of the jewish words. we live in a predominantly orthodox jewish neighborhood so i've picked up some of the words here and there, but there are definitely still some that are foreign to me.

good for you for standing strong and not giving out information when you didn't feel comfortable. :)

In Search of Morning Sickness

Firstly, sounds like a really wonderful gathering and getting back into a supportive community. Yay for that.

But the whole old lady's question? Not so nice. I have always been very open about our doing IVF, and in a way rather proud of it (because, dang we did it twice, and of course it requires practically dragging our bodies to hell and back).... However, I too, as you seem to be expressing, want the ability to share that as *I* choose to, rather than have someone pry and ask (especially in your case, simply because you have triplets). Triplets are conceived spontaneously, they should leave it to your judgement to share that. What would be a kinder question would be asking if the carrying them was hard, or the delivery, or nusring... But asking about how they were conceived just seems to convey nosiness rather than genuine concern into your life. Good for your response (not rude, but pointed)!


For some reason, people feel compelled to know all of the details of how other people get pregnant. My two will be 15 months apart, and I keep getting "So that was an accident, right?" or "Didn't you go on birth control after the first one?"

I am very open with my friends, but I don't appreciate the questions, especially the ones that imply that no one in her right mind would have two babies so close together. So what if we planned it? Or not? Who cares? We love our kids either way!


You know, it would be very, VERY rude to ask just about anyone out there how his or her sex life is going (with the exception of, y'know, the person YOU'RE knocking boots with and with some very close friends/relatives). In my mind, that's roughly equivalent to all of these "so, how'd you get knocked up?" questions. That may be somewhat unfair, given that the people inquiring sometimes are wrestling with fertility problems and are looking to commiserate with someone, but I hold to my comparison. My golden rule about reproduction-related inquiries is that if you're a close enough friend to ask, you already know. A woman you've just met doesn't fall into that category. Sorry you had to go through that, but good for you for politely standing up for yourself. (There's a widespread misconception that "politeness" equates with "being a doormat." Not the case at all...)

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