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June 20, 2008


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Well, what did you see? :-)


:( my husband works crazy hours, but he's not in the medical field, so when the crackberry actually does go off, it's rarely for a real emergency. hope you guys are able to get out for another date soon!


That sucks (for both of you, but more perhaps for Seth). What were you two watching? Can you recreate the date night a few months from now and rent the movie and do a romantic date-night-in?


Just wanted to let you know you posted J's real name in case you wanted to edit it out. Sorry you're date was interrupted. My husband and I haven't seen a movie without the kids since about 1997. Pathetic, I know.


Sorry date night didn't go as planned :( Hopefully next time works out better.


Sorry date night was interrupted, but I am glad that you, at least, got to see the movie. Hope it was a good one!


*hugs* I'm sorry.
At least you got flowers.


I guess someone has to be the inconvenienced one so that people can get medical care!


I am dying to know what movie you saw! :)

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