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June 24, 2008


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happy 9 months!!! i cannot believe how big they are getting...i think they have now surpassed at least 2 of my 3 in weight :) way to grow little ones!

Michelle Z

26 hour days?! Sign me up! I found your new blog, yippee!

Your babies are Wonderful & Beautiful! I'm so thrilled that I've been able to follow along on your journey with them. Thanks for sharing them with us!


Wow, 9 months...and even with the adjusted they are almost crawling, have teeth and are all at healthy, respectable weights -- they ARE doing awesome.


Awesome! Happy 9 months!
You HAVE done a great job! Those kids are just beautiful. :)
And I LOVE Sam's little rockin' boogie - so stinkin' cute!!!


He was SO CUTE! I was rooting for him to take off like he could hear me. LOL.

He will be mobile soon...then look out!!!


So freaking cute!!


yea! happy 9 months- they are so cute!


happy nine months! yay for teeth and being on the charts and all that fun stuff. i love the picture, they are all SO gorgeous!


This is so wonderful. I'm happy to see your little ones developing and growing so perfectly.



Congrats on making it :-) Your babies are beautiful and are clearly thriving. I bet you're on top of the world today!


wow, does time fly! i remember first reading your blog when the triplets were born. they are all such beautiful babies! mazel tov!


Those are some DAMN FINE lookin' kids missy.


Wow - those are amazing weights on those amazing kids. You are doing a great job, Mommy!

Ms. C

Your guys and gals are all wonderful.

You have been an inspiration to me throught the first months of my baby's life. I often find myself thinking: if Karen can do it with triplets and a 4 year old, I certainly can handle this one little guy! (and I don't even know you!!)

You deserve all the naches from the kids! Enjoy, and thank you always for sharing your stories.

(And if I had 5 million, I certianly would sahre with you!)


I remember reading you when you first found out you were pregnant with triplets, and how much I appreciated your freaked out honesty about it. So yea, you've come a long long LONG ways!


They are so cute! I just want to hug them! I love the 'crawling' in the video, and is that J that I hear in the background? They've all come along so much!

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