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May 05, 2008


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Great Job and GREAT picture!!!


Way to go!! It about the journey, not the actual miles walked.


What a great day - glad you exceeded your goal. And what a lovely family picture!

My Reality

I knew you would do just fine!


Amazing job that you've done for babies, both yours and those who will need help in the future!

Rachel Inbar

How much did that stroller weigh? ;-) I'm impressed :-)

Rachel Inbar

The pictures finally came in - Wow! Your kids are precious!


Your babies are adorable as usual! Congrats on surviving the walk and for doing a great thing!

Dr. Grumbles

Love the baby jogsuits!


That is a very cool stroller, and super cute pic:-)


that's awesome! and i love the picture, too.

Cindy amp; Brian

Wow! Great job, Karen. And how nice to get different questions than the usual ones about how you got pregnant, etc. Positive and encouraging attention! Great picture!

lucky #2

Wow - that brought me to tears. Good job, Mommy.

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