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May 14, 2008


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Breastfeeding is so worth it! I breastfed all 3 of my babies (they weren't multiples, though) for a combined almost 8 years. My daughter, who was 5 when our last baby was born, had such good memories about breast milk that after I finished nursing the baby one day, she leaned over and licked off the milk that was running down his chin. Gross, but oh so sweet, too! Good luck


My three are currently in the NICU and like you, I've spent long hours there and missed a pumping or two. So I've been gifted early on with a clogged duct, warm compresses, and frantically frequent pumpings to try to resolve the issue. It's great to read an honest account of what's to come; at least I can prepare myself.


I'm sooo impressed.

In Search of Morning Sickness

This is some very good info. I think it's good to have a reality check on breastfeeding and the hardship that will accompany it, so that those of us who choose it don't give up prematurely because it's harder than we thought. You always have such a humorous way of communicating. And yet you love it. Cool

the schirano triplets

i have been breastfeeding/pumping since my three were born 10 months ago, so i know how difficult it is to keep up with it all. there were definitely times i wanted to throw in the towel. or more accurately, to throw the freaking pump out of the window and laugh hysterically as it broke into a million pieces. but, honestly, it is so worth it to me. i love the closeness when i am nursing the babies and i get immense satisfaction from nourishing them and sustaining life. keep it up, you are doing an incredible job!


You are my HERO...really and truly, my hero. Your patience and dedication are an inspiration!


I've had a similar experience, except that I only have one baby. But cracked, bleeding nipples, thrush, plugged ducts galore, 5 cases (at least, I stopped counting at 5) of mastitis...I eat a lot of yogurt and avoid sugar to ward off thrush, avoid antibiotics as that destroys the good bacteria, use disposable nursing pads that I changed often to avoid extra moisture. I also take acidophilus proactively.I am shocked that the LC didn't know what the bruised feeling was. From what I've read and in my experience the bruised feeling always accompanied a plugged duct, a bleb, or mastitis. The soreness often preceded any other symptoms, but eventually something would pop up or extra pumping, nursing, and ibuprofen would take care of it. Also, due to the way the ducts meander through the breast tissue and the manner in which tissue gets inflamed, you can have a clogged area in one part of your breast and pain in another. The soreness generally lasts a few days after things are unclogged, as well.I commend you for sticking with breastfeeding through all of these issues. It's so hard to hang in there, especially when thrush enters the picture!


Gosh, you really have a whole load of problems. I am so proud of you for keeping it up though - you are doing such a wonderful thing for them. I'm also very conflicted about the pump - I love that it exists so that I can give my babies this wonderful milk while I'm at work. But gosh some days I do get so weary of it. I just keep reminding myself what a good thing I am doing for them - getting them off to such a good start. Here we are almost 8 months old and neither of them has been sick yet.I spend a lot of time reading the breastfeeding forum on twinstuff - it gives me daily inspiration to keep going, reading posts from other moms of multiples who are doing the same thing.


All I can say is that you are amazing. Of 8 people I know who had babies born within 2 months of my 7mo, I am the only one still breastfeeding. Everyone else has given up due to issues that are way, way, way less than what you've persevered through. It is certainly understandable that many people give up, because it can be so hard to breastfeed, but it is encouraging to see that you've stuck through some amazing challenges. I have to say that I am pretty dedicated to breastfeeding my boy, but I've also been very blessed to have a fairly easy time of it. I don't know what I'd do in your situation. I hope things get better soon!


My sister and I were just talking about how ridiculous it is that so many OBs and pediatricians are uneducated about breastfeeding and hand out such assvice. And the lack of research... It's appauling.I hope the pain/fever goes away soon!Oh! The lactation consultant I spoke to about my clogged ducts recommended soy lecithin suppliments. There's some info on kellymom.com about it - it's worked wonders for me.

My Reality

I am just curious, do you know how long you plan to breastfeed your trio? I know you will accomplish whatever goal you set your mind to, breastfeeding is no different!


Yikes, this is the list of things you wish your girlfriend would have told you....thanks for being my fantastic girlfriend! Hoping I can be as strong as you


Good work girl! Keep up with it. Fed my daughter for 10 months when she desided that a cup is what she wants, and am 7 and a hlaf months feeding the twins. We have homeopathic medicine here in South Africa that really works for mastitis, blocked ducts etc - Cataro(for cists, boils etc.) and Organo 1(stimulating the immune system). Maybe you can get something similar there.

Cindy amp; Brian

Karen, you are a ROCK STAR! No, really! I think you are amazing and admire you so much for your incredible dedication to breastfeeding. Clogged ducts, mastitis, and all that jazz are a real bitch!!!I recently returned my hospital grade rental pump and I am pretty much done - bitersweet. But I achieved my goal getthing them through the NICU with my milk and giving it at least three months. I don't know how you do it with three. I think you are incredible mama!!! God job!

Jen Clark

Way to go, Karen!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing stories like this, of moms who DO encounter the often-not-talked-about difficulties of bresatfeeding and yet have such a commitment to continuing to nurture their babies in this way. I loved nursing my son, and I am loving nursing Makayla. I am still so disappointed that Mackenzie can't nurse, and I still hold out hope that maybe after her palate is repaired, maybe just maybe she'll be able to nurse, if not for actual nourishment, then maybe just for some comfort and cuddling. I too have a love-hate relationship with my pump, but I know what an awesome thing I'm doing for Mackenzie in giving her my milk. It does still break my heart that I'm having to give her so much formula, too, to help her grow, but I take comfort in knowing that at least she's still getting my milk too. Good luck and keep up the awesome work, mama!!


I also love, love, love breastfeeding. It's just the absolute tops for me.

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