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May 02, 2008


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the schirano triplets

yay for you! more than a few hours of uninterrupted sleep is heavenly! i am sorry you still feel exhausted...it doesn't matter how much sleep i get, i am always still tired! lol. i was so excited when my triplets started sttn, but i do have to admit i miss those one on one moments with the babies early in the am when everyone else is fast asleep and the whole world is quiet.


holy shiznit.


6 hours of sleep!!!! YAY you!!!! You're probably so tired because your body forgot what it was like to sleep and really liked it! Hopefully it happens again!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles.

I totally take for granted the 7 hours I get most every night. I do remember how tough it was getting up when you can't even see straight and fishing out one or two or three babies. Hope this continues. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.Cadi

My Reality

I hope the sleeping continues tonight and tomorrow night so you are ready for the 5 mile walk!


Because sleep is addictive! Once you taste it, you want more.


awesome! six hours, wow! i'd get six hours if i went to sleep when the boys did, but ya know, 7 pm is a bit early, no matter how tired i am...


mazal tov! My prayers are with you to discover ever-increasing numbers... (well, up to 9 or so.)


oh, and what schirano said... you kinda miss those moments. If this continues, then there will be a night somewhere down the road when you wake up for one of them, and you enjoy that feeding of being all alone in the quiet with just you and your sweet baby glugging down milk. Thing is, it's a lot easier to enjoy those moments when you're not suffering extreme sleep deprivation.

In and Out of Luck

6 hours! Your cup runneth over! I remember when my daugher first slept six hours straight, it was awesome. Hope it gets repeated soon for you! And then seven, and then the distant, impossible, hard-to-remember EIGHT hours!

Cindy amp; Brian

Holy crap, hooray for six hours. But I totally get it that you're still exhausted. Its like your body wants more once it gets a taste of it. Will the exhaustion ever end? sheesh. You're doing awesome sister!


I so admire what you are doing. You rarely complain, and you are so entitled. So complain away, keep blogging as therapy when time permits, and look forward to those times when life keeps getting better!

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