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May 26, 2008


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Your poor babies look so unhappy with their little pink cheeks! I hope they start feeling better very soon.


I'm so totally unworried... I'm sorry to hear however that they weren't better today, and that yesterday wasn't just some sort of fluke. That's sort of what I was hoping for. Bah. Seth's feeling better I assume? I really just hope that things stay below the radar as far as the fever and hydration is concerned, I know how worrisome that can be. I loved you guys being out here, and missed you nearly as soon as your car left the driveway. YOu live much much too far away, or maybe I do... Regardless, I wish we lived closer to one another, but I thank God everyday that you live as close as you do, b/c I'm not sure what I would do without you.Love & Hugs...-me

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

Ugh, nothing is worse than sick babies. God Speed ... I hope everyone feels better TOMORROW.


I've been a lurker for sometime, but in honor of NaComLeavMo, I decide to de-lurk. Your poor babies! They are adorable and I really ejoying reading your blog!


Poor babies! They look so unhappy! Hopefully everyone heals up quickly!

Beth amp; Steven

Your babies (and J) are so sweet! I really enjoy reading your blog and your journey. I also suffered from IF and your blog was "referred" to me a few years ago. Fortunately, I have a beautiful little boy (only one!) who will be 14 mo. tomorrow!!! Time flies... I know you're enjoying your little ones so much! Thanks for sharing your journey with those adorable babies! Hope they are all feeling better soon!


man as soon as I read the first lines about screaming and fever I said they have ear infections!! Classic signs, fever and pain. Then as I scrolled down I was relieved. Nothing worse than an ear ache and I hope they get better. With my kids it was very frequent.


Man, something is going around this area. One of my three was sick last week, screaming, fever, snotty nose, the whole nine yards. No ear infection, either. Fortunately, the other two didn't get it. Unfortunately, the one who was sick is our little one that we have a hard enough time getting to take liquids. It was a rough few days trying to keep him hydrated.Hope they are feeling better.


Sounds like what I had, and then Mike and all three babies got. Random, horrible virus. Hope everyone feels better soon.


Hope they're feeling better and the rest of you don't catch it. The photos are precious, as usual.

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