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May 13, 2008


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OH I like News Flashes! I need to post too...sigh...when to find that time.A pound seems like a lot! Ellie must be really active to burn through so many calories. Is she a wigglier?


do you find it easy to get into the mei tie thing? when i borrowed carriers during the first month, it just freaked me out but now (month 6) it seems appealing. btw, the walk = you are amazing!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles.

That looks like a really cool carrier. I have never seen it. I don't carry any of mine around because then they all want to be carried and I can't carry 3 of them. I miss being able to carry a baby, though. You're lucky.So sorry about J. I hope she lets go of him eventually so you can claim the title for real.2 toofies!! Yah!! I think Ashlyn finally quit teething at around 2.With my triplets someone is always teething. It sucks.Cadi


ooh, now you're going to make me want one of those carriers! I have a baby carrier addiction - I have too many already. but that one looks really cool and very simple. I have a very bad case of baby carrier envy. hmm.Ellie - gain weight girl! She'll look back on this when she is 30 and wonder what her secret was for keeping the pounds off. And darn that birth monster! - why won't she let you adopt him?


Hey, re your comment on my F* post - you never lose your street cred. You've been here, done that, and I believe that damage is never ever forgotten. It gets less, but isn't forgotten. Thx for sticking around, you rock:-)


I stumbled accross your blog accidentally, I don´t even know how, but it turned into a temporary addicton. I am not infertile, I do not have triplets, so When it comes to those, I have nothing in common. We could say I have it easy, conceived both my children first try, and it is definitely much easer to feed/bathe/change just one at a time. So for that reason, I must tell you I deeply admire you and respect you and think you are more than amazing. My youngest is 7 months old and has a hard time gaining weight, so I can relate to the worrying that comes with that, but not to worrying plus raising three more. Hats off to you, really, and God bless!


I love reading about the babes and what is new with them and J. I just caught up on your mothers day blog also and I loved it. I can't wait to one day understand the joy that babies bring. :-)Hugs and Love~


Thanks for updating! Come Ellie!

My Reality

I hope that you can find a way to make J legally yours. He is yours in every other sense. Ellie has done it before, she will do it again.

Jen Clark

I'm a little behind in reading my blogs, thus the late comment here - hope you catch it!! :) Sorry to hear about Ellie. I worry about that with Mackenzie too. We're up to 36 cal/oz now, and she's finally gaining at a decent rate - gained 5 oz last week. 5 months old and a whopping 8 lbs, 5 oz. I dread the day we start cutting back on the calories, b/c I'm afraid of her losing, too. Hope it has gotten better by now!! Hugs!

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