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May 20, 2008


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Crystal R.

When I moved my blog, I was able to download the entries into a file and then upload them to the new blog, so I didn't lose anything.

Dr. Grumbles

I made the same mistakes.Now that I have moved, I often wonder if I really needed to, but it does give an added sense of security.And when I moved, I didn't even have to alert Mel - she had me listed almost immediately with no request on my behalf!


Once I had kids, I moved too. It was known as an infertility blog so it felt strange to keep it. I lost almost all of my readers...but I wasn't blogging regularly at that point so it was expected. My current blog is a secret from everyone I know IRL and that's been a huge relief to me. But, truthfully, sometimes I miss the connection I used to have with the blogosphere.


long time lurker, infrequent commentor here. obviously, i don't know you personally, but i've enjoyed following your blog. i'd be sad if you moved, but that is me just being selfish as i love seeing/reading about your babes, all 4 of them. much luck to you as you decide how best to deal with all of your thoughts and feelings on this.


As another lurker, I hope you don't move your blog. It is yours -- every inch of it. Please don't think that parts of your past are inappropriate for the person you have become. The struggles have brought you to the place you are now. I realize there are things you might feel squeamish about having out there, but can you go back and edit those posts only, but leave the content?Much love. I've enjoyed reading about your family. As a grandmother, it helps me stay connected with younger women.


NO!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T MOVE!!!!!! HOW WILL WE BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH THESE BABIES????????????? ARE YOU GOING TO LEAVE US THE NEW LINK??????????? DON'T MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the schirano triplets

i would be sad if you moved...but completely understand the desire to. i think about going private or switching all the time for privacy/personal reasons. i hope i can follow you wherever you go!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles.

I agree. Stay who and what you are. We love your blog just like it is. If you decide to move after all, please let me know.Cadi


As someone who reads your blog quite a bit, but rarely comes out of the shadows, I would be sad to see you go. Although you don't know this Kansas girl, your blog has given me a little glimmer of hope in our murky little world of IF. A friend asks me all the time why I don't blog...but I feel as though there are others out there who do a better job of communicating the issue. You are one of the better ones. Yup, your four children may throw off some people when they find you off an IF search, but for those of us that have been playing along at home, we are overjoyed for you and enjoy your commentary - IF related or not. But above all else - do what feels best for you and your family. If you would feel better to move, do so as there is nothing more important. Those of us that follow along would be sad, but totally understand your decision if we aren't able to follow along.

Cindy amp; Brian

I feel ya. The solution that feels best for you will present itself. I hope I get to follow you because, honestly?...you are on my absolute 'check every day - sometimes twice' list. You were the first one to reach out to me early in pregnancy when I was SO scared and confused. You had solid advice and such caring words. I'll NEVER forget it. So I understand the wanting to leave this available for search...to help others. Your blog is so valuable and is a HUGE help to many. Whatever you decide...I want to keep reading you!!! :)


I am glad I moved my blog. I went to wordpress, and then made my google blog readable just by me...so if there is something in the archive I can pull it and put it on WP.I love that on WP you can make your blog public, private, or unsearchable on google and such. I didn't loose readers either. What else I love is I can pw protect individual entries rather than the whole blog.Incidentally, I found your blog when I got pregnant by Follistim way, and keep reading even after the miscarriage because I hope some day to join the ranks of mommydom.familyoftwo98.wordpress.com

In Search of Morning Sickness

You know, this makes perfect sense. I understand how the blog morphed from a somewhat private/anonymous one about IF and Loss, to the triplet pregnancy, and then to all the adventures you have now daily with infant triplets. Everyone LOVES to read about HOM pregnancies/babies...That said, since having a baby seems less of a thing to be anonymous about than infertility (it's just not as personal in all the TMI info you can get from IF), it's understandable how the blog morphed. But how now you wish it hadn't. I for one have often thought I shouldn't be as "private" but then again always wondered if I'd regret it. You kinda answered my question.Please know I'd love to keep reading, wherever you go. I'm sure you know, Wordpress allows password protected entries, if that'd help. Maybe you could keep this blog up, just for baby updates, and the new one for IF? Just a thought.


If you move to Wordpress you can password protect specific entries.Would that solve your problem?


I'd hate for you to lose the history here, particularly re the pregnancy and the first few months. You've got history in there, of your family. However, if it's driving you crazy you gotta do what you gotta do - hopefully we can follow.

The Town Criers

Could you go backwards through posts, removing identifying information so it's less searchable? I'm not sure how long it takes search engines to change.


I understand if you need to move, but am not ashamed to attempt a guilt trip and beg you to stay. My trips are just a bit younger than yours, so I check your blog every day to see what yours are up to...we also have an older one J's age, so your situation is so similar to ours. All the infertility stuff aside, though, I just enjoy your writing style - it makes me laugh.


If you need to move, don't give up your original address!I already had someone "take" my old url address. . .Now I'm fighting blogger to make them give it up.


Just want to go on record as someone who reads your blog and doesn't want to be left behind if you move. I originally found your blog through a series of links. I had read it several times but hadn't bookmarked it. Then I lost track of you and couldn't remember what your blog was called! I was so pleased when I stumbled onto you again, just after the babies were born. Needless to say, I now have you bookmarked.

Laura McIntyre

I sometimes feel like i should't be reading your blog, i cannot remember how i even came across it but i love reading about your family. You constantly amaze me with the way you are raising the children.I do understand how you feel though, and hope if you moved you did't decide to go private.I moved from blogger to wordpress at the beginning on the year with no regreats, they let you move over all your old posts and comments and you could password individul posts if you felt the need to.

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