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May 27, 2008


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Crossed or not, they couldn't be prettier! I've heard that strabismus in kids is pretty easily corrected when they're young and hope that will be the case for Sam as well!


My E has esotropia, not strabismus, but they're close enough. I think one is a form of the other? I forget. Anyway, she had patching at 4 months, glasses at 8 months (and now), and surgery at 15 months. We went to a ped opthamologist and LOVED HIM.

kelly w

i would DEFINITELY go with the pediatric opthamologist. my little girl (now 3.5) has been in glasses since she was 22 months old for farsightedness and an astigmatism. we also patch for 3-4hours/day because her eyes are not equally affected. anyway...i would go with the "cream of the crop" as far as specialists go. an opthamologist is an MD (as i'm sure you know) and i'd always rather an MD see my kids if the option is available. i have felt like we have been in excellent hands throughout our experience. we go to an optometrist's office to get our glasses prescriptions filled, and that's it. i blog every once in a while about sarah's eyes, updates, etc. and in most of our pics you can see her wearing her patch. anyway...i just thought i would throw my opinion into the ring :) good luck with sam...all three of your kids are precious and i love reading your updates!

My Reality

He is adorable!! Good luck with appointment.


Your family is absolutely gorgeous! I hope that the strabismus isn't too hard to correct. I'm here through NaComLeavMo!


glad that it was caught so early. it's a cute photo of sam :)

Beth A.

What a beautiful pair of blue eye, no matter where they point. Good luck with the opthamologist - it's always good to catch these things early.

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