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May 12, 2008


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In Search of Morning Sickness

I want to tell you that your last paragraph meant SO much to me, as I'm sure it did other readers. We know you've walked where we've been, and even though you've got more of a mom-blog going, I read every single entry. Since my miscarriage after IVF #2 I've found it hard to comment, but not to read. Your wit, humor, and honesty make it always a joy to be a part of your online community.Thank you for remembering all of us with your compassion. You are a remembrance to us of where we WANT to be someday. So you give hope.


Karen --This is the loveliest thing I've read about Mother's Day this year -- thank you.- Another DC Karen


This was a really great post. I don't think you HAVE to recognize us infertility bloggers still reading, but comparing what you've gone through, and knowing what we're still going through, it was really very nice. Happy belated mother's day.


I love reading about the blessings in your life, but I, too, wanted to thank you for your last paragraph. It's looking like I'll never have a child of my own--three years of trying, and now my husband and I are divorcing, and I'm close to 40. But I haven't lost the ability to enjoy the miracles I've read about here, baruch Hashem.

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