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April 04, 2008


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That is unbelievably sad. I am going to be frantically emailing my sister today, I'm sure!


I am so sorry to hear about M's sister. I will be saying prayers for her and the BIL.


Oh, I am so sorry. Please know that I am thinking of M and her family.


I'm glad you found someone that you love and trust so much and so sorry to hear about her loss.


Wow, I'm SO sorry to hear about M's sister! I can't imagine how devistated she is. I'll be thinking of her and her family.


How horrible. At the beginning of your post, I was filled with jealousy. Our first 2 nannies were like family, we loved them as much as they loved us. Since then, we have been in nanny hell. In 3 months, we've been through 4 nannies -- 2 of whom didn't last longer than a few hours. We found one yesterday that hopefully will be the golden ticket.Anyway, I was steeped in jealousy with your description of your wonderful nanny. Then I got to the part about her sister's accident. How tragic!! I'm so, so sorry. I will say prayers for her entire family.


I am so very sorry about M losing her sister. It sounds as though they were extremely close and I feel so badly for her. I think you're right about her needing to go to Senegal to be with her family. If she doesn't go, she may regret it down the road. I will say a prayer for her and her family.


Oh how terribly sad! I am so sorry for her.


M is so very lucky to not only have you and Seth as family here in MD, but so importantly the gift of your babies to keep her mind busy during this emotionally terrible time. I will be praying so hard for M, and for all of you... I hope that you can all find a bit of peace in this horriffic tragedy, I know M already has in some ways... You know I'm here.::HUGS::


Oh, no, that's terrible.I'll be keeping M and her family in my prayers.

My Reality

How terrible. I hope that M finds some peace with this tragic loss.


Oh, that is just heartbreaking. We will be thinking and praying for her and her family. I'm sure she will gather strength through your little ones...there is something about holding a sweet baby (or 3 :)) that is comforting during a time of loss. Our thoughts are with her...


Oh Karen, no. How terribly sad. M and her entire family are in our prayers.


I'm so sorry to hear about M's sister! Prayers are with her family.

The Town Criers

My thoughts are with M and her family.

the schirano triplets

My heart is breaking for M, I am so sorry to hear of her loss. Please let her know that she and her family will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Oh my. May she be comforted.How lucky she was to have as her best friend her sister and how much more horrible that make this loss.You are doing a lot by being there for her, recognizing her grief. Perhaps you can suggest that she can if she likes hand down family stories about her sister to the babies. Maybe at some point in the future you and she establish some sort of tsedakah project in memory of her sister.She obviously has a lot of love to give. It is good that this is recognized an appreciated by you.May the babies continue to comfort her.

Cindy amp; Brian

How horrible. My heart just sank for her I will pray too.


My heart is aching for her. I'm glad she has you and the babies to lean on during this time. My sister is my best friend and I couldn't imagine losing her. I will pray for strength for her.

lucky #2

How heartbreaking...


Wow, I didn't see that coming. Isn't it crazy how things like that just come out of the blue. I really hope that M will find peace.


that is so heartbreaking. i'm so sorry for M. :(


Wow my heart is so heavy for her.


That is just terrible. M sounds like a wonderful person and the best nanny. My sister is my best friend and I cant imagine not ever seeing her again. Thank you for letting her love on those babies. I was a nanny and sometimes, people treated me like the hired help and didnt make me feel like family. Sometimes it was the opposite... sometimes they were like you and let you love on their children and made you feel welcome. M is in my thoughts and prayers. you all are.

ms. c

I am sick just reading this. I hurt so much for M. Please send her some love from me, and prayers to her sister's husband (i agree with you about the right outcome for him- how well put.)

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