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April 25, 2008


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Rachel Inbar

I know exactly what you mean about getting out of the house - it almost doesn't make any difference where you go :-)I hated the early feeding. I found it was easiest to feed my twins with a single spoon, just going back and forth between them (they also happened to love Gerber chicken & vegetables (they used to sell it, kosher, in Israel) better than any other food...Your kids are adorable :-)Have a happy Passover!


Congratulations Karen for getting out of the house with J AND with your trio.....THAT IS HUGE!!!! I do remember the first time I did it, and I promptly went through the Starbucks deive-thru as a reward :o) Even now, with my boys being nearly 21 months, I feel a sense of pride when I get home from taking my three boys out.It is funny,I just recently blogged about how frustrating it is to be out in public with my triplets.....it is amazing the questions, stares, and overall rudeness you encounter. You get some sweet comments too, but the other can make you not want to go out sometimes! That really is so awesome though that you not only got out of the house, but managed to do some shopping as well!! I think the only places I ever go to with my triplet stroller is Target, Costco, the mall, and the grocery store....those are my big outings anymore! :o)More importantly, those pictures of your babies eating are SO ADORABLE! Seeing the pics of your homemade baby food made me smile and kind of miss those days!Take care, Kelli

the schirano triplets

that is so wonderful you got out of the house with everyone! even though it is a ton of work and you get a billion questions, it feels great doesn't it? i took everyone to the mall the other day (i did have help though) and someone asked me if they were triplets. i answered yes. then they asked if i had them all. umm... no? i had one, bought one and grew the other in a tree. yes i had them all. duh.


So far, Bo has turned up his nose at broccoli and green peas. He will eat avocado, sweet potatoes, banana, mango, paypaya, peas, carrots, pears, applesauce (not his fav), peaches and squash. It does take a long time to make, but it seems so much better than the already prepared stuff!Good luck! :)


WOW! I am worn out just reading this post!!! Good job you!


oh my! it is weird to be out with them. part of me likes the attention, part of me is embarrassed by it. i'm kind of dreading taking them out in a triple stroller - that's a rare occurrance, but how else will i be able to do it alone when they get a little bigger?


A friend of mine mashes bananas and avocados together for her son and he LOVES it. I think the fat in the avocado might improve the texture. She also uses pretty ripe bananas.Have I ever mentioned that you are supermom, btw?

The Dunn Family

Your children are just BEAUTIFUL! My cousin has triplets (2 boys and a girl) and used to baby sit for my twins. She would go to the mall, and BOY would she get some stares! And of course the "are they ALL yours?" question ... hehe.


Those babies are always too freaking cute for words. I especially like the pre and post Ellie pic. :) Also, you have a really cool high chair for her - so stylish! Lastly, I go to Target too for outings. I mean, why not? Big aisles, it's fairly mellow most of the time and the Target we have has a Starbucks so I can get a decaf coffee or mocha and tool around. I prefer it to the mall, really.

Jen Clark

i just love reading your blog!! i have a 3 yr old and twin 4 month olds, and you are my hero!! and, let me just say, target is THE happenin' place to go hang out just to get out of the house...i do it, all the moms i know do it...wonder if target has any idea how many moms use them for this purpose?! my 3 yr old son actually ASKS to go to target now!! (it helps that every time we go, he leaves with a new thomas engine!) and i can only imagine the comments you get - i get them, with just twins - so you have my sympathy. you're kiddos are absolutely adorable, btw!!


I HATE all those questions. My trio is 20 months and I ignore most people's questions, don't look ANYONE in the eye and just stare and smile at their amazingly insentive and personal questions. GOOD JOB getting out of the house. I laughed while reading your post because I totally remember what that was like. Good for you and it will get easier! Huge accomplishment for you!Christiemcgoverntrio.blogspot.com


Aw, those are GREAT photos.I have taken random get-out-of-the-house Target trips myself, and my children are seven and in school when I take these trips.This made me laugh out loud:"I had an agenda, people. Okay, not really, but I could have had an agenda!"You only have about three and a half more years, and then those comments pretty much disappear into the ether. I won't say, "enjoy it while it lasts," because I didn't, but enjoy the sense of accomplishment, because man oh man, that's super-mommyhood right there.

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