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March 28, 2008


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I've thought your babes were the Bees Knees from the get go as well too... And fwiw, I've been waiting on our first million with baited breath as well. Yay Senor Smiley for the Big Roll of '08... He's so cool...


When Ruby learned to sit up, she would only do it when no one was watching. we would leave the room & she'd by lying down. We'd come back - sitting up! I kept accusing Brian of sneaking in the room & sitting her up! Not that we left her along for that long. Oh, now I just sound like a bad parent!I hope you share smiling pictures soon!


oooh, i do miss how teeny they were back in the NICU days, but smiling, now that's the bees knees! mobility, however...is just plain scary.


Trust me when I tell you that mobility is truly frightening. We have great crawlers (usually following me everywhere) and my house looks like the county jail with gates everywhere. One of them is pulling himself up and climbing things now and another is right behind him.Solids were a piece of cake in comparison!

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