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March 17, 2008


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Glad to hear it's not another infection; sorry about the sleep stuff (man does that EVER even out?); I still have Issues about my pregnancy, delivery, and aftermath, so all I can say about that one is, you're not alone.Oh, and I still miss my tiny babies, too! But six months is still a fantastic time, and nine months was, if possible, even better. Happy days, here you come!

My Reality

I am glad Ellie doesn't have an ear infection. I hope all of their little ears are pain free soon!


Hi...I'm back. No longer in PR, and for what it's worth I was totally enjoying it enough for both of us. I missed you like crazy, and at one point actually said to Jon, "I really wonder what the heck Karen is doing without me, she must be lonely...Gosh knows I was." I missed you!! I'm glad to be back, my trip was the perfect length...Talk to you soon... And gah... SIX months...Wednesday crept up on me too, I saw the date and gasped. It shocked me.

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