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March 19, 2008


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i think i've read about a bit of this loss in the triplet world over at another of my favorite baby blogs and it also makes me sad. i can only imagine how moms take it, much less moms of multiples. such a beautifully written post. i've read a little about "selective reduction" and while i know that you can't really know what you'd do in a situation until you're in it, i can fully understand how women who struggle to get pregnant could not just decide to "reduce" the number of babies they're carrying, even with ample medical advice advising them of the contrary. keep lovin' on those babies like i know you are. :)


Happy 6 month birthday! and Happy one year anniversary of finding out about them!I could have written some of your comments about selective reduction, but it was never an option for us. My husband knew I couldn't live with myself if I had made that decision. I fell in love with those flickering heartbeatsthe moment I saw them. I didn't know it at the time since I was in so much shock, but I've loved them since then.


Happy 6 months to your beautiful trio! I remember when you were agonizing over reduction and am so glad that you were able to safely get all three of them here to celebrate their 6 month birthday!

ms. c

Happy six months to your trio! You really are so blessed for the little guys and their big brother.I can't wait to keep reading about all the "best"!

My Reality

It is amazing the difference a year can make!


Beautifully said. My eyes are full of tears. With everyday that passes, I am reminded of my 3 beautiful gifts that I have been given, and I will never forget the long and heartbreaking road that I had to travel to get here with them today. Congrats on their 6 month birthday.


Happy half birthday to your little ones!

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