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February 10, 2008


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No beating yourself up. Two steps forward, one step back is still one step forward (if my math serves me correctly).


Oh no, I am so sorry. Like the previous poster said, its only one step back not two. Kimberly and the GA Guinn tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com

Lea Bee

oh no, i'm so sorry. is she eating as much as last week? refluxing more? lots of love and hugs to you guys.


Poor Ellie. :(Thinking of you. Tell that little girl to EAT!!

Rachel Inbar

Four ounces is so little that she could have just peed it... I would look over a longer period of time. The trend is what makes the difference & if she's gaining that's what counts.I think you're doing an amazing job!


four oz in how long? If it's only been since thursday I would try (I know it's hard) not to worry as it could just be the difference in before/after a feed/poo. There will be steps forward and back, hang in there and keep with the high calorie stuff.


I'm with whattoexpect--it's still improvement over her earlier weight, and she will get past this one also. But I know it's hard and I'm thinking of you!


I'm sorry. I am hoping that it was a momentary step back though.


I am sorry to hear that. I hope that you can keep up your strength despite these little setbacks.


oh, ellie! what a little rebel! hope this is just a little setback...

The Dunn Family

Well said by whattoexpect. It's still an overall gain. I'm sure it's frustrating for you, but in time, she will chubb up just fine. Hang in there momma, you are doing a great job.

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