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February 21, 2008


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Oh No.I'm so sorry.


Yes, I know exactly what you mean.


I know what you mean. I still have NO words... And I've known for awhile now... It's so tragic.


your words were perfect and so right on , it explained how a lot of us are feeling right now.. Just.. empty!

My Reality

Your words are beautiful and heartfelt. (Like the new look!)


I see your heart. I hope she sees this post. I totally understand wanting to say just the right thing but words just don't come out right.(I LOVE the new look!)


I'm another Mom of triplets. BBG 2 year olds and I read your blog very frequently and never comment. Today you gave me that extra nudge I needed. What you wrote about about this loss was beautiful and straight from the heart. I think we all relate and feel such surrow and emptiness.I really enjoy your blog, and will make a better effort to tell you so. It's hard in this fast paced world that we live in, and when you add triplets to the mix, it only gets crazier. Keep up the good work with your babies.

The Dunn Family

My heart is breaking for her entire family.

Jennifer from Arkansas

Your post was beautiful and perfect. I hope someday she sees it. Reading the post that you wrote a while back when I lost by triplets meant more to me than you'll ever know, that is why I hope so much she someday finds what you wrote for her. My heart is broken for her. Just broken.While I dont leave comments often anymore, I continue to check on yall daily. I am so proud of you and the amazing mother that you are to your blessings. All four of them.much love.

The Sorrells Family

It's taken me a bit to post a comment, but Stefanie sent me to your blog to read your post about Zoe. Your words are perfectly put and beautiful. I continue to be amazed at how far-reaching Zoe's story is and how many lives she touched in her brief 14 months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion.Keira

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