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February 08, 2008


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i'm so happy to hear that you're getting compliments and some happy attention from folks --- especially after all you've been going through. while i may not know you, it sounds like from everything you've posted here you more than deserve these compliments. don't fight it. just take them in and allow yourself to bask in the attention for a little while :)


OK, you cannot write a post like that and not add a picture showing US how grreat you look!!! I want a picture so I can admire you too!!!


i LOVE that! i am getting that a lot too, but from people who don't know that i still have fifteen pounds before i hit my prepregnancy weight. i just looked SO BIG and swollen at the end of my pregnancy, that anything is an improvement now. :Pwe definitely need some before and afters!(oh yeah, this is pam, posting under another address.)


YAY for the compliments!! YAY for Ellie gaining weight to! A good week for all huh?

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

Breastfeeding triplets will do that to you ... it's like having three little fat suckers!! I lost almost of my pg weight with our triplets before they were 6 months old >> and with the new baby, I've lost it all by the time he was around 4 mos. (That should tell you how much the kiddo eats. He was almost 20 lbs at his 4 mo. checkup).So, are you smelling like Aunt Jemima yet? :)

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

ps: great news on Ellie. I'm so relieved to hear that she is finally gaining weight!!

Rachel Inbar

70 pounds!?! That's incredible. I hope you're making sure to eat healthy! Your clothes must be falling off...


You are a hot mama!!!!


Boosts of self esteem are SO valuable because they are so unexpected. :D

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