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February 15, 2008


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I'm so impressed with your perseverance with the breastfeeding. You definitely should not feel guilty about supplementing, especially at this point.

My Reality

You are doing a fantastic job, try not to beat yourself up too much.


Your perseverance is so impressive! I hope you can relieve yourself of the guilt soon.With my oldest daughter, she HATED formula - but she'd take soy formula. Apparently it's a little sweeter (and it doesn't have quite the same formula stink). I almost wish Ruby were on soy, too, but I think it's too late to switch her.

Cindy amp; Brian

You are so funny! My pump is like a 4th baby to me too. Although I call my extra sack of skin on my belly the 4th baby. Maybe the pump is my 5th? LOLAnyhow, I think you are amazing! I am in no way keeping up with my babies' demand now - I only pump about 32 oz per day now (used to be about 64 oz) and they consume about 72 oz each day. My supply has really gone down as I can't find the time to pump as often as before. I am not sure how much longer I will go. Its such a pain now because with their terrible reflux I end up adding rice cereal to my milk anyway to thicken it so they don't even get my straight milk. Anyway, I totally identify with your feelings. I always feel like it would just be so nice if my body could just produce enough. But the fact is there are THREE BABIES!! I have to keep telling myself that. The fact that they've gotten so much of your milk for SO LONG is incredible and you should be proud of yourself. I think breastfeeding for any amount of time with THREE babies is a huge accomplishment and you have done a great job! NO GUILT sister!


I am in awe of your achievement, frankly. Against all the odds, you have done an incredible job of being solely responsible for the nutritional needs of your babies. That's pretty impressive. I know that saying you're great won't change the way you feel about yourself, but it might make you smile, which is not such a bad thing. So here's a big round of applause for your achievement!


I am a long time reader but a rare commenter. I just felt compelled to congratulate you. I am weaning my 6 month old singleton because I am not producing enough and was feeling guilty too. Although my situation is nothing like yours, I was feeling sentimental while reading your entry. You are Superwoman! All of your babies are grateful for every ounce you have made for them. I also am in awe.


I've never posted before but have kept up with your story... I'm not even sure how I found your blog. I'm a mother of 4 (not all at once) age range from 25 - 15. I can totally relate with your feelings. I was never successful at breastfeeding because I just wouldn't produce the milk. But, I was determined I would make it work with my 4th & last. I nursed her for 6 months always following it with formula. When the demand started going so low that she wouldn't even latch on because there was nothing there, I hurt. I didn't want to give it up - the bond you have with your baby during that time is like nothing you can get from anywhere else. Don't beat yourself up - you are not a failure. You have done an incredible job. Hang in there. You are a great mom!


I can't tell you anything you're not telling yourself (that you shouldn't beat yourself up, that you've been amazing at breastfeeding, and that you are CONTINUING to be amazing at breastfeeding). But I can tell you that all of that is true and that your babies are healthy and thriving in no small part due to all the wonderful care and nursing that you have done. And you'll be continuing to do that and continuing to nurse, and they'll continue to be healthy and thriving...even Ellie, who will probably go on to be a 6-foot tall model (or maybe something a little more modest).

Emma B.

Oh, yes, such a failure, to fall a few ounces shy of exclusively nursing TRIPLETS. Lady, you're teh awesome, and don't let anyone (yourself included) tell you differently.


i understand the knowing and the feeling. it's so hard. my daughter weaned at 10 months because of supply problems. i feel so guilty, but there you go.i think you've done an amazing job and i hope that when they start solids you can cut out formula again. but even if you don't, i think your babies are so lucky, so loved and you are so wonderful!!


Dearest Karen, I'm sitting here crying because you have put into words precisely how it feels to have that mommy guilt over breastfeeding multiples.I only made it 6 weeks ( of breastfeeding triplets) and I still mourn that loss.Hang in there girl.

The Dunn Family

Please don't be so hard on yourself. I think that we are IFers, tend to beat ourselves up a little bit more. Maybe some left over anger at our bodies! I didn't even consider breastfeeding my twins because I thought it would be too hard. I'm don't regret my decision, but I think you have proven that its possible. More than possible. I think you should be BEYOND proud of yourself and how much you have done for your children! Making enough milk to feed 3 babies is tough work. And I am in awe of how amazing you have been thus far. Give yourself a break, please? And a pat on the back.

Lea Bee

i know you know this...but breastfeeding is not the measure of a mother. making sure the baby is fed and nurtured and can grow and develop IS. i know what it is to *know* something and *feel* another but give yourself the break you give other moms, if you can. you are a MOM to triplets and (and an older son) and are doing amazing. fantastic. you are more to your children than the sum of your boobs. i promise.lots of love.


You're amazing and such an inspiration.


hey there,DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP, you have done an amazing job and sometimes mummies just need to be told that. breastfeeding is a wonderful privelege to those of us that can, along with having babies. some don't understand or 'get it', but 3 babies, omg, you have sustained it for as long as possible. i had to wean my eldest son at 7 months when i discovered that i was pregnant (3 months - you aren't are yo?, the quality of my milk dropped not the quantity, he failed to thrive and i was exhausted!) i had to wean him over a period of a week, using others to give him the bottle (apparently i smelt too good!!) it was hard and in reality looking back it only took one day, it was hard and very sad, but i believe he still did ok. Take careLeonie


You cannot beat yourself up like this! You are breastfeeding THREE babies. You said you breastfeed 2 and then pump an EXTRA 40 ounces? That is amazing. You are doing a fantastic job, probably the best job ever if I had to guess! Please don't feel guilty - you are doing all that you can do and doing an amazing job at it. I don't know any other women that would persevere like you have!


and I thought I was busy when I was nursing ONE baby! They would not take formula unless it was offered before they were ready for a bottle. Actually the second child never liked it. Or a bottle. My third baby got very little milk from me, broke my heart but being in ICU and in kidney failure did something to make my milk never really come in:(. I nursed her till 13 months anyhow, however little she got, she was willing. You are doing an awesome job! I am ever so impressed!


I'm honestly impressed by how well you've done breastfeeding the triplets! I can't imagine what a huge commitment it is, and you should be applauded for every ounce they've gotten! You've really inspired me to really give nursing a good try this time. I'm even going to buy a pump, which is something I never thought I'd do. I'm curious to see how it's going to go this time. Keep up the fantastic job! Your babies are doing amazingly!!


Every ounce you give is a special present to your babies. I think everyone will agree if a mother even gives a week of breast milk and can give no more they have done the best they can to be an amazing and loving mom.Nobody can sum up how you feel nor can they change it but I hope through all of the support you have through things like this blog you can realize you are an amazing mom.


no way...you are doing amazingly well! don't feel guilty, there's no need for that. hug hug hug!


You are incredible.I had to supplement until we started my twins on solids but am still nursing now at 19 months. No guilt.


Thanks for sharing all of this.While driving to and from work can you steal some additional pumping sessions using something like a Whisper Wear pump?While a baby nurses from one side can you hand pump the other?


"But I'm producing 40-45 ounces of milk per day in addition to whatever they get via nursing directly"As a mom of just ONE baby, this figure blows me away. On my best days, I could only pump 15 ounces. I bow down to you and the gift you are giving your babies. 40-45 extra ounces. That's HUGE. When I got pregnant again and had to start supplementing my daughter with formula, I found a lot of comfort in what a lactation consultant told me so I'll pass it along to you: If you are able to get even a few ounces of breast milk into your baby a day, they are benefiting from it. You're doing a GREAT job.


At one level, I can't help you, because I had to supplement A LOT and it tore me up. I still cry about it under certain circumstances.But at another level, I hope you know that 2-4 ounces a day per baby is NOTHING. Pumping 6-7 times a day with an older child and a full-time job? AMAZING.You're doing GREAT. And I bet you're right, and it gets easier to provide all the breastmilk again once you add solids to the babies' diets, because I found that breastfeeding got better and better from 9 months onward.


Karen, You are such an inspiration. Thanks to you and your example I have been able to stick to pumping. My supply has highs and lows and maybe you are just going through a low? Anyway, just like the other commenters said, you are AMAZING. I also want you to know that me sticking to pumping has inspired a friend of mine to continue breastfeeding... all because of you!

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