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February 01, 2008


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I just had a thought that I would share. It's not necessarily an earth-shattering one, though, so don't buckle your seatbelt. One thing you could watch for, and ask about / have Ellie evaluated for, is whether she has some type of sensitivity to taste or texture (some degree of sensory defensiveness or dysfunction). I work in early intervention and have seen other little ones that find something annoying them with the feedings. I don't really know a lot - I'm not an occupational therapist - and it may be too early to determine this, but it's something to be aware of.I hope things start looking up for you. It sounds like your new efforts are starting off well! BTW - I am SO IMPRESSED by your fight to keep BFing. You really are quite an exceptional mother!


I just want to say that you are amazing and keep up the good work! You are such a wonderful advocate for your children, such a great mama bear. I will be sending *grow* vibes Ellie's way!

My Reality

There is one thing I am sure of - you will do whatever you can for your little girl. Look at what you have gone through to get them here. Everything you have done has been for their best interest. You will make this work, Ellie will grow and you will succeed. You are supermom, really. You will get through this, Ellie will catch up and thrive. She will not only thrive in the growth department, but all of your children will thrive in the love department. They are all lucky kids, all 4 of them to have such fantastic parents who love them and would do anything for them.

Casey's trio

Karen,I just wanted to comment on what an awesome job you are doing. You are a fantastic mother and I'm sorry that Dr. C made you question what you have been doing (even if it was only for a moment). I know that Ellie will get past this and that you have her best interests at heart. Continue to follow you well-educated, well-thought out mommy instincts!Hugs,Casey


I'm so sorry you had to go through that. If you are interested in changing GI docs, I really like ours (can't stand her staff, but that's another story). She has an office in Rockville and one in NW DC.Good for you for fighting to keep breastfeeding. I really admire that.


What a devoted mum you are. Not that we're all not devoted, but this is a tough tough thing to handle and you are coming through so well. Well done for advocating for the right answer for you and Ellie.


I still read it all. And I still cried. b/c I'm that much of a dork... gah...Love you!


This is probably a dumb question/suggestion after all you have been through...but have any of your doctor's suggested adding rice cereal to the EBM? Maybe that is less calories than the formula...my son (a twin) has been spitting up non-stop since he was a few weeks old. At 6 weeks, the peds told me to add 1T per 3 oz's to help with the reflux. IT DID NOT WORK. And I know that this method is not recommended by all peds...BUT, he did seem to grow at an exceptional rate, and I wonder if it isn't the extra calories in the rice cereal. At 8 1/2 months of age, we still thicken his bottles of EBM, because it does help a little. Yep, I am mooing along with you, every day, 3 times a day.Brava on the breastfeeding! And even more so for being a great mom, who obviously will go to great legnths for her little ones. I continue to be in awe of triplet moms, and anyone who has more than two kids. You guys are my heros!


It is so clear that you are an exceptional mother. Your children are as fortunate to have you as you are to have them.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

You are amazing Karen- an incredibly dedicated advocate for your children. I'm really impressed with your ability to handle it all so rationally and effectively when it's so hard.

Laura McIntyre

Poor Ellie, i don't think anyone who has been reading would think it was failure to Nurture . You always sound like an amazing mummy.I really hope you manage to keep up the breastfeeding, im amazed the amount of people that give up in early weeks - you are an inspiration to everyone


You're such a wonderful mother. Good thoughts for Ellie heading your way.

The Dunn Family

You are such a great mom. I'm so glad you called your pedi and held your ground about the breastfeeding. I really hope that Ellie starts to gain some weight for you soon!

ms. c

Really, Karen... you are not just supermama, you are superwoman.Your ability to handle such situations simply amazes me.Thanks for the low-down. I`m constantly thinking of Ellie, and wishing her steady growth.(and hugs to the other kids too!)


Thank God for your pediatrician. Shame on Dr. C for not considering your situation better. Can you see Dr. D next time instead?Um, so, there is no underlying cause?

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