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February 25, 2008


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What a beautiful family!! And I am so amazed to see all the kids in the picture! That's just so many children - and no one screaming? Amazing!(My Braden has the same shirt J has - Being cute :) I love it!)I can't wait to see more pictures!


I can't believe how big they have gotten!!!



Cindy amp; Brian

Gorgeous pics, Karen! Your family is beautiful!!! :)


SO lovely! what amazing photos!


Delurking to say beautiful pics of you and your family.Lucki


Such beautiful photos!


Thank you!!!! I love seeing the pics!! They really are good pictures too!! Your whole family is just beautiful!


what a beautiful gift for jess to give you. i LOVE seeing you all.

My Reality

Amazing photos! The babies are adorable. You have a beautiful family, Karen!


they look so cute and big and strong and healthy!!! Congratulations! All this pumping has worked its magic. You are a star

The Dunn Family

You family is so BEAUTIFUL! You must be beyond proud of all of your children! And I must say, I LOVE the pic of your two boys!


More than adorable. Priceless!!!!


Amazing pictures...post more, post more!!

ms. c

Ah! So gorgeous. (And the site looks fab too!)


How incredible! They are such cuties, and I love all the family photos!

Beth amp; Steven

You have such a beautiful family. Your children are just beautiful. You are an excellent writer and I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for being so honest... and inspirational.


AWW!!! You all look great!


It's great to see everyone together! The pictures are absolutely amazing too! It's hard to believe they're so big already!

The Town Criers

Those are the most gorgeous pictures!


You guys are GORGEOUS! What beautiful children you have!

Casey's trio

The babies are looking so great! I love that picture with Ellie sticking her tongue out...too cute! Love that you posted a family pic also.


Oh my goodness Karen, your family is SO beautiful!!! Love that close up shot of Ellie...how adorable! You should be SO proud...what an amazing family!

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