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January 01, 2008


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The Dunn Family

Good resolution! I'm sure you will get it done. Although it's hard to imagine getting anything done with that many kids at home! I hope everyone is doing wonderfully! Happy New Year!


It sounds like plenty for a goal to me--mind you, when one knows that it has to be fit in amongst keeping up with three newborns and a toddler, it seems like a superhuman feat. Then again, Supermom can do it!

Malky B.

Can't wait to read the story!

Cindy amp; Brian

I can't wait to read it!I still have to post details of my big baby shower in OCTOBER. I'm way behind, I know. And I am wanting to post about the birth soon too. Once mine come home, I feel like it'll take twice as long to get to it. Oh well...one day at a time!Happy new year!!


I hope you make it!!! I want to read it!

Jennifer from Arkansas

I hope you'll share it with us. I'd love to read it.Wishing you nothing but joy in the year ahead.much love.

Casey's trio

Gosh Karen, do you have your hands full right now?!?!? We will all love to read it when you get around to it:)

In Search of Morning Sickness

I would LOVE to read about it, whenever the chance arrives!!! Even if it's next December *wink*I wanted to stop by because of a comment I saw where you mentioned being asked about starting IF teratment again.... I just really needed the LAUGH this morning!!!! A lady with a 4 year old and newborn triplets.... HA! Just wanted to thank you for putting that out there, because when I saw the username, I thought, "That's can't be Karen of Perky Ovaries" and then the triplet comment & I knew it was!!!Blest day to you!


Is it really going to be cost effective to pay for childcare for 3 kids?? I hear that childcare for 1 is bad enougth...but I can't imagine paying for childcare for 3 newborns!!!! Won't you just be working to pay for childcare costs??Allie


I'm looking forward to it, although will totally understand if you don't get around to it. Although you may want to especially for yourself even if you can't for us!

In and Out of Luck

I look forward to reading, and I liked your comments on the book too.


Looking forward to reading it, though I won't hold you to the deadline :)

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