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January 29, 2008


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That is amazing! I love the way you tracked it.. heehee..The pix of the babes from the other day are adorable. They grow so fast :-) I am so happy all is well..Tracey~

Rachel Inbar

Wow!I wonder at what rate you're going to charge them, since many say breastmilk is like liquid gold... and the price of gold is sky high right now :-)


Wow. That's a lot of mooing.Keep up the good work.


Wow. Just...wow.You'd better tell the kids to start getting jobs at paper routes and babysitting as soon as they're old enough!


oh my!that's incredible! I'm very very impressed.


A-MAZ-ing. Dude.

My Reality

Moo is right. I am sure you could put a few cows out of business.


i'm impressed! i barely get four ounces--from both breasts--whenever i try to pump. you're amazing!


Moooo is all I can say. You ROCK!


K, you are so awesome. I can't tell you how proud I am of you!


Wow...wow...wow! I'm sorry, but WOW!I pumped like crazy and stored just under 400oz in 6 weeks, and I brag about that! Most of my girlfriends were struggling to store and maintain enough for an 8hr shift for one baby. 7.4K is just beyond amazing! You need an award, or maybe some sort of ticker. LOL Moo is right!

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