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January 21, 2008


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You are AMAZING! Best of luck tomorrow!


you're not too shabby yourself... And I'm so glad that you got to meet my kiddos :) Now we'll just have to get my butt up to your abode to see the babes... But like I said, we enjoyed having you over, and miss you already!!


Why are you leaving the babies to go back to work??? Who is keeping them and is it really cost effective?


Oh, anonymous, must we go through this each and every time? Just go away, please. I am certainly in awe of the nursing, but I'm even more in awe of the pumping! That is the thing I hate more than anything else.Good luck tomorrow.


Good luck tomorrow! (and sorry you have to defend your decision to go back to work YET again)


UMMMM....I don't know why everyone is so defensive...I was asking a serious question and wanting a valid response.....


woo hoo! you answered my question.and i'm the same...i sometimes don't know how hungry i am until i start eating. and i love my water!!looking forward to pics!!

Rachel Inbar

Omigosh, I am so impressed :-)Good luck with going back to work!


Thanks so much for answering questions!Um, pre-pregnancy weight minus 65 pounds minus forty pounds equals ideal weight? But you are so tiny! It doesn't seem possible that you really weighed something like twice as much as your ideal weight.

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