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December 26, 2007


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My Reality

You have time to read and write a review on anything with triplets in the house? I think this is one book I will skip reading.


I know you've called yourself SuperMom, but the fact that you took this on TRULY emphasizes that you can do anything and everything! With that said, I'm with My Reality--I'm skipping this one. The "implanting embryos" thing drives me up a wall, and someone in her position should have the ability to use appropriate phrasing.

Rachel Inbar

You are indeed amazing :-)The other review of this book that I read earlier today mentioned the same thing - 6 to 7 embryos. Being ancient myself (hey, my oldest IVF daughter is over 14) - the standard way back when was up to 4, particularly when some were poor quality - so I don't even know where 6 to 7 comes from. I wrote just this week about single embryo transfer. I predict this subject will become more and more talked about (and acted upon) in coming years.


I haven't read the book but yea, just a little inaccurate (being sarcastic). All the stats now go to the 1 or 2 transfer unless you have had failures or have shitty embryos. And the whole implant vs transfer, yeesh. What surprises me most is they didn't have a fertility doctor review/edit - someone with knowledge would've caught this.


Pardon me while I get up on my journalistic high horse...How do these things make it to print? If I transliterate Muhammed incorrectly, my editor practically craps a horse. And I work at a newspaper! We have to translate every story from Hebrew on deadline and still get it into print!Why, oh why, can there not be a book published that is accurate without being overly medical? And moreover, why would RESOLVE allow this? Inaccuracies like this one are a disservice to infertile women the world over.Thanks for bringing it to our attention. If I can stay awake for more than 20 minutes and drum up more focus than a goldfish, I might send a strongly worded letter.


Very interesting, I found myself getting hot under the collar just reading that section! Thank you for speaking on behalf of those of us that were not asked to review the book :)Kudos to you for having time to read! You are super woman!!!


If it is not being published till 2008, is there still time to have it corrected and updated? I don't know the inner workings of the publishing world but was just wondering.


Wow, that book sounds VERY annoying and filled with bad information! It will only encourage those comments like "Well you did fertility treatments, of course you got pregnant with triplets..." UGH!

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