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December 04, 2007


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What a great list of notes, a real picture into how you are doing.Mazel tov on wireless Ellie.I hope the various physical ailments improve speedily.Some physical therapists make housecalls. A good chiropractor could be helpful and would take less time.You are indeed lucky to have been able to give a grandparent great-grandchildren. I would have liked that. Your description brought tears to my eyes.Do try the probiotics applied to the nipple idea.The correlation between lowered supply and onset of menstruation seems chicken-and-egg to me.


It sounds like you are doing great (considering you have three little ones at home). I am just so impressed that you have been able to breastfeed all three! Go you!!!! When my little guy who had the monitor finally got rid of it, I kept singing "I've got no strings...." from Pinocchio to him. It fit for some reason!

My Reality

Congrats on Ellie Version 3.0!You amaze me. Really.

The Dunn Family

I had to laugh, because I just went through the same thing! I threw my back out, and my doc wanted me to do physical therapy 3X a week for 4 weeks. I was like HUH?!?! I have twins at home! I did it though. To be fair, my twins were 7 months when I started, so we were on much more of a schedule then you are dealing with. Maybe you can get to see one once or twice and they can give you exercises to do at home at your convenience to help out in the meantime. Ugh. All I wanted was meds. But I do think the PT helped. Good luck


I'm amazed you're posting! I hope the meds work for the thrush, I hope the maple syrup works for, well, whatever it is you want it to work for, and congrats on the fab news about Ellie 2.0.I twisted an ankle one year before conceiving and broke a toe on the same foot one year afterward, and PT made a big difference, even after only one visit to get exercises for home. FWIW. But the dentist is probably your more pressing concern, no doubt.


After needing to fill a cavity after my son was born over two years ago, my dentist informed me that it was very normal and to expect a cavity for every baby. Through this pregnancy I hoped at least that he meant every pregnancy and not every baby (having been pregnant with twins), but amazingly I got off scot free this time around!

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