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November 04, 2007


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Wow, you ARE supermom! I must learn your secrets!


Three at once, you really ARE supermom! Woohoo!

My Reality

Three at once is impressive!

Rachel Inbar

Supermom indeed! I remember thinking, "I'm a twin-mom, I can do anything." I can't even imagine what it's like with 3 little ones...Go Karen!


You are simply amazing. Thanks so much for the updates-keep up the good work 8)


I have for years claimed that my heroes are women who are able to breastfeed triplets. SERIOUSLY. You are amazing. My friend's mother breastfed her triplets, as well, and lived to tell the tale, so keep at it!

Malky B.

Happy anniversary Karen! My birthday is Nov. 2 so next year if you forget when your anniversary is I'll remember for you that it's a day after my birthday. Deal? That should help you out with that date.

Laura McIntyre

You really are supermon, the fact that your breastfeeding rather than assuming you can't because they are 3 of them is amazing. I can only imagine how tired you are.Thats cool you were born in Scotland, im from Glasgow

Casey's trio

Sounds like you are doing a great job feeding those babies and adjusting well to the routine! I'm laughing about your anniversary story...I get confused sometimes my date as well:)


I agree, you ARE supermom!


WOW! You are supermom!!!


Yup, you are supermom! Good work. I'm so very jealous of your BFing success.p.s. I got married on my birthday so I wouldn't have to remember another date. Pretty crafty, eh?

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