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November 02, 2007


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what a sweet boy! and he looks SO PROUD to be feeding one of the babies there. :)


What a sweetheart! He's just adorable! Good to hear that he's adjusting so well!


What an amazing boy! And so cute! So happy for all of you.


What a proud big brother! So cute.

In Search of Morning Sickness

I think you have the cutest little 4 year old ever! That smile would melt a heart of stone!!!Everything you say makes sense about his adjustment. All of a sudden, everyone ELSE has someone to "play" with and "sleep" with and "be" with. He naturally would want to be included. Sounds like you and Seth are doing a great job taking care of his emotions and keeping him feeling loved just as much as everyone else.


godness I love that picture... It makes my heart very happy.


i love hearing about how your family is growing and developing with the arrival of the triplets. it's so wonderful. J. is just adorable.


J looks like such a sweetie, and his face is just beaming with pride at holding a baby for the first time! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I'm glad to hear that he's doing well adjusting and there aren't any unexpected surprises.


Thanks for sharing the photo and for the update -- I'm tearing up something awful!


Great picture. He sounds like a wonderful big brother.


That picture makes my heart a little melty.

My Reality

He is so sweet! I am glad he is adjusting ok to three babies.

Rachel Inbar

He's so cute and looks so proud!!! Everything you wrote sounds perfectly normal. He is one lucky boy to have you and his siblings!!!


It helped me a ton when I had the son#1 as the helper for the baby. I told him that the baby loved him so much because he was helping and when the baby smiled at him that just confirmed what I had been telling him. I also told son #1 that I just couldn't manage without all his help. He felt so important that until they were highschool age there was really never any rivalry at all between them.


he is absolutely adorable! and he looks so happy feeding his sister there --- just gives me chills. :)

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