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October 07, 2007


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Rachel Inbar

I'm so glad your little Abby is doing better! It must be terribly stressful.46 ounces in a day?!? You're amazing to be able to keep it up with everything that's going on. Are you able to have any time to yourself? It must be so exciting to think you'll be able to take Ellie & 'little guy' home soon :-)B'H, next Simchat Torah will more than make up for this one :-)Thinking of you!


HUGS to a scary day!


I'm so glad that Abby is doing better. Scary to have to make that decision by yourself though! I am also happy to hear that Ellie and the little guy will be able to come home soon! That's huge! Thinking of you guys!


Thank you for taking time to post an update!What an excellent job you are doing on the nursing and pumping.I'm so sorry that the littlest one encountered this trouble. It's a relief that she has been doing better, and I hope that remains the case.It is understandable that this would be quite traumatic for you. It sounds like you handled it well.Given my experiences, I'd be upset that the doctors on Tuesday didn't order both the test and the collection in anticipation of the test coming back fine.I find it hard to believe that it really takes a week to process blood.I wonder whether directed blood donations should be standard procedure when a baby is in the NICU, just in case, and then if not needed, donated to the general pool.Given your circumstances, it could be appropriate for your husband to wear a pager to shul in case of such an emergency.I found your description of your thoughts as you considered the consent form to be quite profound, a good illustration of an important aspect of parenthood.

My Reality

I was thinking about you and the babies yesterday. I am glad Abby is doing better after the transfusion. I hope they are all getting stronger and will be home with you soon. Lots of love to you and the whole family.


I know this is all very overwhelming, but I hope you realize how coherent and calm you sound. There are few people who could handle what you're doing and you're doing it with a smile on your face.I'm so glad Abby is doing better. Hang in there. It's amazing you're balancing breastfeeding with everything else. I hope the rough days become fewer.


Thank goodness Abby is doing better after the transfusions. How scary! Do they have any idea what's going on? I'm keeping her, Ellie, and your son in my thoughts (and you, of course).


Thanks for updating. Been thinking about you.

Jennifer from Arkansas

First of all, thank you for the update!! I'm SO sorry you went through such a scare. I am continuing to keep you, dh, and all your little ones in my prayers. I'll say a special prayer today and ask that my angels watch over them and that they will come home with you soon.And I have to agree with the others, you sound like a rock. (whether you feel like one or not) You are doing an AWESOME job taking care of your babies.Hang in there.much love,Jennifer


How scary. The whole NICU is scary in and of itself, but to have to go through that sounds terrifying.You mentioned bradys, but I didn't see any mention of apnea episodes. Is that the case? Is there talk about them coming home on a monitor?Thanks for the update!


I am so glad Abby is doing better. We went through the same thing, but my husband was allowed to be a direct donor for my little Alyssa. We joke that she has more of her daddy's blood and that is why she has a more explosive temper! I can't imagine having to make that decision on your own. You are such a strong momma! Kimberly and the GA Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I'm so glad everyone is doing better, and that you'll soon have your babies home with you. The NICU two-step is so hard. You sound like you're doing a really great job managing it all, and congratulations on all that pumping and producing milk for three babies!


Oh, Abby! I'm glad to hear she's doing better. What a scary decision to have to make. I hope Ellie and your little guy get to come home soon. And I hope we get more pictures of them soon! :D

Casey's trio

Hi Karen,Not surprised that you have been too busy to post, but thanks for getting an update up for us all. I'm happy to read that Abby is feeling better...amazing how quickly she bounced back. We had a few transfusions amongst my 3 while they were in the NICU.Take care!


Ah, transfusions in the NICU are a gut-wrencher. (Seriously, I've never read anyone write about them without feeling the agony of the decision radiate off the screen or page.) I'm SO GLAD that the transfusion is helping Abby to grow and thrive, and that everything else is going so well.46 ounces a day! YOU ROCK. And you realize your production will go up when you're not traveling to the NICU, when you can maybe nap or co-sleep (I know co-sleeping freaks people out sometimes but the napping is HEAVENLY and can be alternated between babies) with a small baby breathing his or her oxytocin-elevating breath of heaven onto you, and when you're nursing all of them all the time (and we do mean all the time LOL)? You ROCK!Oh, I'm so glad that part is going well for you.Keep us posted when you can, but hopefully you will have babies home and be too crazy for updates very, VERY soon.


Really thankful for you that Abby is doing better. And way to go on the pumping! That is a huge accomplishment!


This is Wendy from the American Red Cross and I found your post this morning. I'm so glad to read that Abby is doing better.Although I don't know your family, this post is quite touching.I am also happy to read that the Red Cross was helpful in determining S's CMV status. And as an added tidbit I'll offer that after donation, the Red Cross tests for blood type, hepatitis, HIV (the AIDS virus), HTLV (human t-cell lymphotropic virus), West Nile Virus, syphilis, and antibodies to T.cruzii microorganism (Chagas’ disease.) Good luck with the triplets! I hope you all stay happy and healthy.


Such a sad and scary day but so glad she is pink and perky now. Smart of you to call the Red Cross about records, I never would have thought about that but it probably eased you mind that S's blood would not have worked out. You definitely made the right decision with the donor.What a difference a year makes. Amazing.


K, like everyone said, thanks for posting. I check your blog religiously waiting for the updates, and am also in awe of the wonderful changes in your life since last year. Its beautiful to notice that our lives keep getting better and better each day, b/c its so easy to get stuck during the difficult times. I don't know how much 46 oz is, but i'm gonna look at my green tea bottle right now ( 17.5 oz) which i guess is a lot of milk for one person to produce every day. I know this is kinda weird, but did you taste the milk? does it taste like cow milk?

ms. c

Oh Karen! What a week! I'm glad to hear that Abby is on the mend. I can only imagine what the days must have been like.I'm thrilled that that the other guys are doing so well too.Your comparison of last year to this year was very touching. It's always mind-boggling to take a look back.I look forward to your next update when you can, and am always thinking about you.


I'm glad to hear Abby bounced back so quickly. My daughter had 2 transfusions during her NICU stay (she is now a vigorously healthy 5 year old), and I still recall how startled, shocked, and terrified I was. Most of my memories of that time have faded, but I still vividly recall signing those forms and standing outside the hospital and calling my husband from my cell phone and sobbing as tons of people walked past me. I was later told that transfusions are very common for NICU babies. To this day I'm angry that no one told us that up front, so that it hadn't come as such a shock. Nevertheless, I'm glad you've all made it through this challenge and I look forward to hearing more about the babies' progress -- but not pressure! ;)Take care.

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