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October 12, 2007


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great news, Karen!


WOWOWOWWOWOWOW!!!! That will just be amazing! I expect pictures tomorrow!


I'm so FRIGGIN excited. Can I say it again? I'm SO FRIGGIN EXCITED. Oh and at SOME point, I'm going to be well enough to leave my house. You read it here, So help me Karen... I WILL BE WELL. Love you!!

My Reality

Oh, Karen! What wonderful news!! I am so happy to hear that they are all coming home!


Wonderful news!!!


Wow!! This is just amazing! I'm so excited for you!!!


That's fabulous! Wow!




Woohoo, that's so exciting! Like Diana, I want pics!


WOOO HOOO! WOOO HOOO! Can you hear me singing and dancing all the way over here???

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

OY VEY. All 3 at the same time?!I hope you're in bed, sleeping at this VERY moment!!!

Laura McIntyre

Wonderful, how exciting it must be for you all


wonderful news!!! i can't wait to see more pictures of them and hear more about them! :)

Casey's trio

Hooray! What great news..can't wait to read all about their homecoming and hopefully see some pics of those darling kiddos:)

Rachel Inbar

Totally amazing! I hope that if you have offers from people who want to help that you'll make sure to take them up on it!So glad they're all doing well enough to come home!!!


Great news about them all coming home. I don't know if I would have wanted ALL three of mine home on the same day, but how absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to see more pictures and see how it goes!

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