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October 14, 2007


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YEAH! I am so glad you are all home. What a full house!


Yay!! I'm so glad they all got to come home! Let me know if you need anything at all!


I am excited for you. This is the day you have been waiting for for many years. Your dreams have come true X 3. Enjoy every minute of it. Can't wait to see the pictures.

My Reality

I am os happy you are all home!


Congratulations-it's such wonderful news to hear you are all home together!!

ms. c

Mazel Tov on the homecoming. It certainly sounds like you are busy, but also that your spirits are high. I'm sure there'll be only swimming for you, Karen!

Egged Out

Welcome home everyone!


Glad you and your beautiful family are settling in at home. Looking forward to the pictures.


yay! you're all home! :)


Mazel Tov! It must be an awesome feeling to have them all home!


Yeah!! I'm thrilled that you are all home together. Can't wait to see the pictures!


Wow...I am so glad to hear they are all home! How very exciting. Can't wait to see pics. And, don't be afraid to ask for help. All new moms need it and, as a mom of triplets, you need it even more!


Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!I'm just so excited for you guys!

Casey's trio

Congrats on having everyone home happy and healthy.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

You did it! Many, many congratulations.

Rachel Inbar

Wow! Amazing :-) I am so happy for you!


Congrats on the big homecoming!!!


Fantastic news x3. Congratulations. Enjoy this as much as you can because they grow so quickly. Looking forward to pictures!


If I haven't said it before, let me say it now - I'm so damned happy for you! ;-)

Malky B.

mazel tov on all 3 babies coming home! Wow! Will you have any extra outside help for a while? Can't wait to see pictures.


So glad everyone is home and doing well! Congrats again


YAY for everyone being home!!!! My prayers are with you as I am sure sleep will be a much missed luxury!


Hooray! Welcome home to the whole family!


So glad everyone is home safe and sound, can't wait to hear how it all goes!Take care!


Congrats on having your family home :)

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