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October 19, 2007


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Hey, this mastitis sounds awful. I'm so glad you have help around to allow you to get back into tiptop shape. Feel better soon!J

In and Out of Luck

The mastitis sounds painful. It shows my baby obsession that I read the word "fever" and was worried and then I was like, "Oh, it's just KAREN who has the fever! Not one of the kids! Oh, well then..." But I am sorry you are going through that pain and I hope you feel better and the pictures are beautiful.


I hope the mastitis clears up soon. Some things that I have found helpful in my multiple bouts:hot shower, then pump or breastfeed and massage your breast(s) while doing so. You can also manually express in the shower and that can do the trick sometimes. You can also take a soy lecithin supplement to avoid plugged ducts. I think I've read something about a raw potato helping? Might want to google that.Your babies are beautiful, by the way. And good for you for accepting help. It's just crazy not to, especially when you have three little ones!


good news all around!!http://cleobatya.livejournal.com/330702.html

Rachel Inbar

Don't feel bad about the help - just enjoy it! Your recovery is very important to the babies!How's J doing?


eeep! take care of yourself so you can get better - no matter how much help you need to get there.


I'm so sorry you're feeling so horrible! I'm glad you were able to get some help with the little ones. Believe me- there were days when I would have done anything to get some help, and I only had one to take care of. I never had mastitis, so I can't offer any advice here. I'd definitely call your OB though and see what they suggest. Though I'm sure you've already done that!Feel better fast!


So very glad you had help. Hoping you get better very soon.


When my son was born 15 years ago, I got mastitis. It was HORRIBLE. You feel like crap and your boobs are huge. I hope that it resolves soon!

Casey's trio

So bummed to read this Karen. I hope it clears up fast and soon...I had one little duct clog up once and it was horrible, so I can only imagine what full blown mastitis feels like. I am really happy to read that you took advantage of some help, especially right now. Getting some rest will make a world of difference.

Changing Expectations

Sounds painful. I am glad that you have some help and can get some rest.The babies look beautiful!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

Seriously ... is there a reason you're not taking Keflex?? You don't want to mess around with mastitis. I've had it SEVERAL times and the first time was the worst with a fever up to 104. I was on Keflex within 24 hours and was feeling 90% better within 12 hours. My good friend had mastitis and she didn't do anything for it. She wound up in the hospital, hooked up to IV's for 2 days. Don't make me come over there. CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!!!

ms. c

Uuhhh... I don't think bringing in the nurse was a cop out! You sound like you got some much needed rest out of the deal. YOU are still important too, you know.The mastitis sounds like a not fun thing- I'm so sorry. I will be thinking healing thoughts for you and your boobs.

Jennifer from Arkansas

I posted my last comment on the wrong date I think. Sorry. Anyway... I SO hope you havent ended up in the hospital. Please let us know how you're doing when you can.

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