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September 05, 2007


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I am SO GLAD you have been more on top of this than it seemed from your earlier post. It is really good that you went in to the doctor, that labs including checking your urine for protein are being done, and that you have an appointment for Friday (so the decision about whether or not to be seen has already been made).It's nice that you got a reprieve and were allowed to not be admitted today, that you have a little warning so you can prepare. It sounds like you needed that. That must mean the doctor determined the situation was not as immediate as it might have been; if so, that is a relief! I hope nothing exacerbates between now and Friday.Don't discount BP that is high for you but not considered high; the change for you is important. Also, how are your migraines? Some symptoms (pain and visual disturbance) might masquerade as just another migraine.Your idea about admittance prior to RH is a smart one. Eventful Shabbatot are stressful enough as it is.One day at a time, yes, each and every day. I am really glad you were seen, checked out, and tested today, so your status today is known.I hope you are able to rest well during this remaining time at home. Thank you for having updated!


Not far now, is right. Hold on tight - you're almost there!

Rachel Inbar

Sounds sad to be in the hospital over Rosh Hashana, but you're definitely right that it is for the best. Hang in there :-)


I was wondering if something else was going on there.Thanks for keeping us all updated, you know how much we worry about you...


Boo hiss. But I am glad they are watching you so closely. HUGS!


Karen, I think you are keeping a great eye on yourself and if the moment comes when you know you can't be at home anymore, you will totally respect that. I've been knitting your little ones some hats. Before you leave the internets for the calming influence of hospital bedrest, can I send them to you? Email me if you have a chance, if not, I will hang on to them until later 8)

My Reality

You really are in the home stretch now, Karen. If you get stuck in the hospital, well, you are stuck in the hospital. At least you know that it won't be for too long. You have done such an amazing job with this pregnancy. You are a source of inspiration! Keep up the great work. I hope the monitoring shows that you aren't dealint with anything else.


Oh, you're getting so close! I can't believe it. I hope your hospital has internet access, otherwise I will wither away without your updates and wisdom on my situation. (I'm so selfish.)


I'm glad you're getting all the monitoring you need. Again, sounds like you've got fantastic drs that really respect you. Hang in there!!


Delurking to say that I'm enjoying your journey and wishing you the best.


Thanks for the update! Sounds like it's been a heck of a few days. Just a little longer to go! You're in my thoughts daily!


I love Dr. P more every time you write about him. So glad you have him taking care of you.Hang in there babies!


Not far now is right. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing all of this with us.


Hi! I have a question for you, if you end up going to the hospital, is there any way someone else can update your blog while you are gone? We will all worry about you if you disappear from blogland.


There's not a whole lot I can say that hasn't already been said, but I am sending you best wishes and hope for a comfortable week, and that you don't have to be admitted until then.


Ohhh, good luck. That would really suck to be in the hospital over Rosh Hashana. But I guess what's most important is that you're kept monitored and healthy.


Good luck!

Changing Expectations

Karen, I am glad that things are okay and that the Dr. didn't think that you needed to go the hospital now. It sounds like you are okay with the eventual stay.Thanks so much for the update. Will you be able to update from the hospital? I am thinking so much about you.


Good luck, homestretch now....(I really, really hope for your sake, for many reasons, that you don't cross from pregnancy to NICU next week. Uff da!)

Egged Out

thinking of you and the babes!


Hope today's appointment brought good news!

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