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September 17, 2007


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My Reality

Reading about cholestasis, it sounds like a lot of what I went through with bile duct obstructions - I know that itch. I am sorry you are itchy like that - it is intense and awful. Aveeno lotion helped for some reason, it was soothing and helped the itch. I am glad you are still doing ok and the babies are doing great. Jessica, next time you talk to Karen, please send her my love and best wishes. And thank you for the updates!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with our triplets, I had unbelievably itchy hands and feet. Which turned out to be PUPPPS and a few days later, I had the onset of HELLP Syndrome (the clue was an increase in liver panels). Things can get very bad very fast so I hope that Karen realizes what an awesome job she has done incubating those babies thus far and listens to her doctors, COMPLETELY! I know I was very head strong on NOT delivering my babies nine weeks prematurely, but if I'd had MY way, I wouldn't be sitting here, right now. The prize is a healthy baby (x3) AND a healthy mom. I'm so excited for her!


Thank you for the post, Jessica. I am relieved Karen is still pregnant!How did Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat in the hospital go for her, given the restrictions, and were her husband and son able to visit?You're doing great, Karen!


Thanks for the update! So good to hear that things are still going well!


Glad to hear all is ok.Is the reason karen doesn't want the section on friday because of yom kippur or because she wants to keep going?Hoping that the symptoms ease a little over the next few days so the babies can cook a bit longer.

Rachel Inbar

Thanks for the update :-) Glad Karen & babies are doing well!


Tell her to try some benadryl cream. It is allowed during pregnancy and it might help. I am so relieved that the status quo hasn't changed and those three little ones are still baking. Keeping them all in my prayers.


Karen- I am thinking of you and sending all sorts of warm thoughts your way. -Jackie


Glad to hear all is well, but very worried about cholestasis possibility. I'm glad, K, that you are in the hospital being monitored; a friend of mine developed cholestasis with her singleton and the outcome was the worst imaginable - please do take care! (sorry, I know that it is awful to say these things but I'd be remiss not to)


Thank you so much for the update. I think all of us think daily about Karen and the trips, if not hourly.I'll have to stop by the hospital this week.


Ack! I had the itch too. It started on my hands and feet and spread everywhere! The only thing that helped was Benedryl around the clock. They just brought it along with my terb. I can tell you now that that blessed week of Benedryl sleep was wonderful and much needed.Glad to hear Karen is doing so well!!


Thanks for the update! Friday the 21st seems so ... soon, but then again the lastest she would have gone/will go is next Thursday...so I guess it isn't THAT much of a difference.Any more word on the growth curve of the smaller triplet?


Glad to hear those babies are staying put and all is (mostly) well. Please tell Karen I'm thinking about her.

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