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September 20, 2007


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That brought tears to my eyes! They are beautiful! Good luck to the whole family.


Yayyyyyy! This was an awesome post, so cute:-) Congrats Karen and Seth.

Jennifer from Arkansas

I'm wiping the tears, but they keep coming. How blessed you are. They're beautiful.


Beautiful babies! Congrats to Karen Seth and the whole family.

The Town Criers

I'm bawling! Thank you so much for putting that togeher, Jessica. Karen and Seth--they're gorgeous. Congratulations!


Wow, what an AMAZING slide show you put together. Thank you so much for the quick update and the beautiful pictures.


What a beautiful announcement, I've been on pins and needles the last few days waiting for news and I'm SO happy to know that the babies are here!Much love and congrats to Karen and Seth!!!XOXO


YEA! congrats to everyone!what a beautiful announcement, Jessica. thank you so much for sharing this with us. (also glad to read that i'm not the only one with tears streaming down my face now. . . )


Congratulations to the whole family! Each one of them is beautiful.


What a beautiful slide show! Congratulations to the happy family!


And I now have tears in my eyes!! I'm so excited for them! Thanks for posting! They are so beautiful!Please do ask her when she'll be ready for visitors! I can't wait to see them!!


Aww--great job Jessica! Very sweet and beautiful :)


yaeeeeeeeee! oh my GOSH, they are beautiful!! way to go karen!!!

Rachel Inbar

Wow! Real babies :-) Karen's lucky to have you as a friend! Amazing job (you with the slideshow, Karen with the babies!)


Thank you for this photo-sharing post, Jessica. Can you try ginger tea for the throat?The photo of Karen with all three babies while still on the table is amazing. She is so lovely, all beaming and bright! That surgical mask doesn't hide the pride and glee coming from Seth, either.The babies really seem to be doing okay! What a relief that there aren't too many wires and tubes and that they appear at ease.Many wishes for strength to all!


I am crying, too! Such beautiful little babies!


I found you through Mel's site -- and I have such tears of joy in my eyes for you and yours. What a wonderful journey -- what beautiful babies.All the best!


Wow :) Congrats, congrats, congrats :)


Mazel Tov to Karen, Seth and big brother J!I'm a triplet mom, too. Ain't life wonder-full?Helenahttp://thriceblessedmomma.blogspot.com/


They are just gorgeous and you look wonderful Karen.Congratulations!


Congratulations x3!! What a blessing!! And indeed the fun has just begun!!Amydancingwithinfertility.blogspot.com

ms. c

Crying, crying, crying!Beautiful babies, you guys! Thanks for the pics. Mazel tov again.


Congrats again...the babies are so cute!

My Reality

They are beautiful, absoultely beautiful. This brought tears to my eyes. Huge congrats Karen, Seth and J. Thanks Jessica, this is a beautiful tribute to Karen and the results of her perky ovaries.


sweeeet! they are adorable little pumpkins! can't wait to hear their names. :)

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