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September 26, 2007


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Cindy amp; Brian

Oh how wonderful! MOO MOO MOO!!! Go YOU, with that milk production! :)And your precious babies are just beautiful - you look great too mama!!


wow. i showed them to my mom. they are all yours!

Casey's trio

Those babies are gorgeous and so are you! Triplet motherhood plus one becomes you:)


i am so glad i found your blog because i absolutely love it!! beautiful, beautiful babies. can't wait to find out your son's name!! big hugs from a virtual stranger to all you babies!!

Rachel Inbar

Karen - you sound amazing :-) Your babies are adorable and it's clear that you already know how to get the most nachat out of a situation! I am so happy for you!!!


WOW, your milk production is amazing! I'm so pleased for you -- it's hard enough learning to nurse preemies times three, it's THRILLING that production isn't an early problem. Way to go, Mama Moo!Thanks for the gorgeous photos, too. You DO have beautiful children. (Also, I'm so very very VERY happy that you're getting to see and hold them together right from the beginning. Co-sleeping in the NICU should be the standard, I hope you get it as soon as they're all ready.)Congratulations again, I'm so happy for you guys! (Let us know how J is handling things when you get some time -- oh, say, in December. LOL)

My Reality

I am in love. And you look TINY! I am just in absolute awe.


I went to read the anonymous comments, and am glad you're laughing, too. My husband is circ'd and I've never heard him complain about the "bed sex." Ah well, it takes all kinds.


ow! they are painfully gorgeous babies! and i love their names - ellie is my nieces name, but i promise i won't play favorites with her over abby or their brother. :)

The Dunn Family

You look fantastic and the babies are beautiful! I think it's wonderful that you are breastfeeding and pumping, I had twins and didn't even try! You are a wonderful overachiever! Congrats on your amazing family!


Wow, absolutely positively gorgeous (both you and the babies)! I'm jealous you have a picture of them all together already. I couldn't do that until they were all home from the hospital at 2 weeks old).


Fabulous milk production!! Keep up the mooing! ;)The kiddos are absolutely gorgeous!! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

ms. c

The babies look phenominal. And you look fantastic too. I am so happy that you are continuing to blog, I love reading your posts.Keep mooing, Karen! I can totally understand your fascination.


Karen...they are stunningly beautiful babies. Congrats on your awesome milk production. And, you looked awesome.


You look amazing and those babies are SO adorbale! I'm glad your milk production is going well and that everything else is too.


They are adorable! You are such a beautiful momela, you know that, right?Now I am intrigued and have to go read the anonymous poster - I could use a good chuckle.


you all look simply fantastic. i'm so happy for you all. i can't believe that you can actually find the time to blog...but glad that you can because i love seeing those babies!

In Search of Morning Sickness

I LOVELOVELOVE the pictures! You look like a radiant and happy momma! And your kids... WOW! Esepcially that last one together, they are just so precious, brings tears to my eyes. I am SO PROUD of a woman with triplets to be so diligent on breastfeeding! YOU GO GIRL!


You have every reason to be proud! How wonderful it is that you've been able to actually nurse the babies.Thank you for not leaving us hanging too long without an update. The photos are great. You look absolutely beautiful! What a lovely, serene smile. I recall you had been fearing tiny premature babies with wires and tubing in the NICU; I'm so glad you all are doing well.That commenter is giving anonymous commenters a bad (lack of?) name. I am relieved you are amused, because I had become furious about the bullying tactics and other ridiculousness. It's no surprise that you are more than able to hold your own. I suppose I don't need to get upset over comments that display such a lack of common sense.Chag sukkot sameach! (How will you get back and forth over Yom Tov and Shabbat?)


Moo with pride--that's amazing! They are so gorgeous, and every bit as beautiful as they do. I'm so impressed that they're already nursing!


Your babies are indeed gorgeous! I'm terribly impressed with all of your mooing - you should be proud of yourself.

More The Merrier

such beautiful babies ... enjoy every minute. it is amazing how fast they will grow. truly, you'll look back at these pictures soon and be astonished at how tiny they are!! way to go on the milk production. now, you need to post a pic with you in your new hands free pump bra!!! Aw, just kidding!!! :)


(sorry - that's Jen @ amazing trips above - I keep forgetting to change my account name. That's a blog I'm setting up for our triplet group.)


You and all the babies look great! I can't wait to see if my boobies work too. ;) I think I will be equally fascinated.


They really are beautiful!! I am so happy for your family and I can't wait for more updates as they continue to get stronger!!Now go milk yourself! :)

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