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September 09, 2007


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Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

The exact same thing happened to me with a terb pump, and almost had me readmitted right after going home after seven weeks in the hospital. What bugged me is that the Matria nurse never suggested this as a possibility. What an awful night. Good for that doc for calling you directly - those little personal kindnesses always meant the world to me. You've been through a lot, and I think you're amazing. I hope you get some good sleep today.


Sounds like an awful night. I'm glad you've figured out the problem though. I hope it helps!

My Reality

I am glad you know for sure the terbutaline is working. I hope that the contractions calm down and you can stay at home for a few more days at least. I hope your foster son has a wonderful birthday.


I'm glad you discovered the problem. I've been in a situation like that too, where the problem lay with the medical equipment but, never having encoutered that problem before, I attributed the serious trouble to a much more obvious variable that had just been introduced that day.When it is time for you to deliver, will you simply be taken off the terb? Sounds like you won't need any kind of induction meds to get you started!Well, now you know to check the pump for problems. Nevertheless, it really does seem, from events of the past week, that any time there is a change from what is normal for you, you ought to contact the doctor right away. There doesn't seem to be a reason to delay, especially as your doctors respect you as a patient and want you to call them.


I was sitting here holding my breath as you typed. You know that song, "Billy, Don't be a Hero"? I know you know your body best, but you scared me not calling sooner.Also, there are a number of us who would go with you to the hospital. I could be there in 10 minutes - so, just call.


as you say, good to know you're medicated for a reason. Also glad you found out what the problem was.


I am glad you were med detective today and fixed the problem.


Hey, I'm glad it's just that you weren't getting your meds rather than that something major had changed. Sounds like the Matria nurses need to have a checklist like the IT people... "have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?" "have to checked all the cord connections?" etc... might have saved you some pain.


OMG what an awful night! I am glad you found the culprit and hopefully tonight goes much better.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your foster son!! I hope he had a great day!


Wow--what a night! Sounds so very stressful. Having to watch the clock--ughh. Hope you get a much better rest tonight.

Casey's trio

I hope you catch up on some sleep tonight Karen. You're almost there:)

Rachel Inbar

You're taking this amazingly well... I think just the stress of the whole situation would have made things worse...Take it easy & get some rest!


I've been gone a week without internet connection. You think I was in a third world country, but no just in Louisiana. Anyways, I am so glad you are still hanging in there. keep up the good work! Kimberly and the GA Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com

Jennifer from Arkansas

I found myself holding my breath while I kept reading. I knew everything must have turned our ok, just because you had been able to type up the entry, but I was still holding my breath. What an awful ordeal! I'm SO glad everything turned out ok in the end. Sorry its been so long since I've checked in.. We're home from the hospital now, and so far the babies are all still hanging in there. I'm flat on my back for the duration, so I'll definitely be able to check on you regularly again.big hugs to you. hope for more peaceful days ahead.


I'm glad it was such a simple fix to the contractions, but that must have been a miserable and scary night. I presume that the contractions are back to their normal status now?And happy 4th birthday to J!


Hope last night was better, that the birthday celebration worked out well, and that tomorrow's appointment brings good news.Happy birthday to the four-year-old and much strength to you!(How has your husband been doing?)


Phew! So relieved that you got it figured out!


Hello. I just wanted to leave you a note - let you know that you have provided me with a great source of hope over the last month or two while dealing with our own problems with IF. We have finished our 3rd IUI...and debating on how many to go before trying to figure out our next step. Unfortunately, our insurance believes in vi@gr@, but not in fertility! Please know what a great source of inspiration that you are to people. I think of you in my prayers and will continue to do so once your three children are happily in your arms!

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