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September 12, 2007


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Thank you, Jessica, for posting!


Thanks Jess...I'm thinking about Karen and her little ones! I know all will be well!! Sounds like she is in very good hands!!


Thanks for the update! GOOD LUCK KAREN!!! Stay well and you and your little ones will be in my thoughts!


Thanks for the update. I only found this blog earlier today but I'm really pulling for Karen and the three little ones.

Casey's trio

Hang in there Karen:)

Cindy amp; Brian

Sending lots of love!!!

Egged Out

thanks for the update - tell Karen we are all thinking of her and the babes.


Hi Karen / Jessica. I am a regular lurker here, and I just wanted to wish mommy and the babes all the best.


Thank you so very much for the update. We all are quite fond of Karen, and like knowing how she's doing.I'm holding my breath today...


Thanks for posting Jessica! Send my hopes and best wishes to Karen and her family, and wish her a L'Shana Tova from me.


Thanks for the update! I hope stopping the Terbutaline buys some time with the pre-eclampsia and the hospital can manage the contractions in other ways.


Thanks for the update!! Here's to hoping they let the babies stay in a bit longer. Sending lots of hugs!


Thanks Jessica, We are going to keep Karen in our prayers. Let her know we are sending love her way. Kimberly and the GA Guinn tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com


Thanks for the update!Thinking good thoughts for Karen and those babies!


Thanks for the update. Hang in there and hopefully you can manage for two more weeks.


Jess-you are awesome, as usual.Thanks for keeping us updated.Karen--we're rooting for you!! Every day counts.

The Town Criers

Hang in there, Karen. Sending good thoughts to you and the babies.Thanks for updating, Jessica.

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