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September 05, 2007


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Rachel Inbar

The bear is hilarious!I'm glad you're off the crazy monitoring... How about some good music? Just something to make the time a little more interesting.


I agree, the bear is fantastic!It looks like the twin bears are just the same as the singleton bears, only with maybe a dollar discount total. So you could make your own set anyway....(Yes, the brain freeze never really goes away apparently. I have been reduced to calculating the cost of triplet bears....)


bear + ice cream = awesome.And happy 31 weeks baby!! I know there are three more weeks to go, but man, this is fantastic progress, even with the scary stuff. I may need to visit you before I go to MN next week...


The bear is way too cute! Glad you're off the monitoring. Must make things so much easier. And congrats on hitting 31 weeks! Just 3 more weeks to go!! I hope the BP isn't a trend, and that it goes down quickly.


I had a cold at about 4 months into this pregnancy, and the cough has never gone completely away, I'm afraid. Just something about how your body's got enough to handle without getting you well as well. Hope it proves to be more robust in your case.


Love the bear!You're in the home stretch...stay in there little ones, just another 3 weeks to go!


Triplet bears! I think that is an adorable idea!!. Stay strong sweetie, the finish line is so close.


Congrats on 31 weeks! I guess since Rosh Hashanah begins in a week, it really is only three weeks to Erev Sukkot.Try some ginger tea for the cold.The swelling in your hands makes me think that the weight gain could be water. Please mention both symptoms to your doctor, because, even though swelling is common in pregnancy, it is new and sudden in your case (as is the weight gain), and edema in some cases can indicate something more serious. I don't want to scare you, but those two symptoms and the sudden change in your BP (lasting for over a day not under six hours) could be signs of preeclampsia. I hope of course it is not! But PLEASE talk to your doctor about this right away.


Okay, sorry, I just re-read and saw that you did in fact note that these three symptoms were not good signs. I apologize for telling you what you already told us you knew.But PLEASE do not wait and see! Three symptoms, all new and sudden, at least two of which for the better part of a day, and you are carrying multiples and have PCOS.Your doctors would rather you talk to them right away about this. Really, you won't be bothering them! You have done a good job in being aware and monitoring these things, but you don't want to sit around and wait to see if it is a trend any longer, because enough is already apparent that it is worrisome now.


Wow, I don't think I ever realized how expensive Vermont Teddy Bears are. $60 for a stupid teddy bear? But I guess they're pretty cute.

My Reality

I think you deserve the pj's for sure! And you may want to order a second pair in a smaller size, I think you will be a little surprised once these guys are here at how much weight you have really lost. I hope the new symptoms aren't what they could be and just part of a normal pregnancy. Not that this pregnancy has been exactly normal, but you know what I mean.

Changing Expectations

The bear is super cute!Glad that you are able to rest in peace (relative peace anyway).Glad that things are going well with the contractions. Hope that the other symptoms aren't anything to get excited about. Let us know what happens with the BP and the swelling.Hang in there triplets! Three more weeks!


I LOVE the bear! And I've heard great things about those PJ's! Congrats on reaching 31 weeks!


I love your jibber jabber!!!!

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