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September 18, 2007


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Thanks for the update. Very exciting news and my good thoughts are with her and those precious babies!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Karen!


Thanks for the update!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!! How exciting!!

The Dunn Family

Sending lots of love and thoughts your way!


I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, too, Karen. I hope Baby C surprises them with his/her size -- it's certainly happened before.Here's to the shortest hospital stay on record for all those babies, and a super-fast recovery for Karen, too.Can't wait to hear the news!


Fantastic news! I'm so glad you've made peace with the decision. Here's to 33 weeks! Any idea who will be doing the delivery - Dr. P, Dr. G or Dr. M?


Thank you Jessica for updating us once again.Oh, Baby C! The Rosh Hashanah nightmare I had involved Baby C needing to be taken out . . . but the other two being left in to continue cooking!The plan feels right. I am glad Karen is happy with it. I will continue to be thinking of her, hoping logistics align for a vaginal delivery, but praying that all goes well in any case.33 weeks! B'sha'ah tovah, Karen.


Tons of prayers coming your way. PS: Tell her as soon as they let her get up and walk. It will make the recovery 100 times better if she does it!Kimberly and the Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com


Karen, I'm wishing you and the babes all the best for tomorrow morning. We'll be thinking of you!!


Sending lots and lots of good thoughts for tomorrow!!

My Reality

I will be thinking of you and the babies tomorrow, Karen.


WOOOO HOOOO! I can't wait to hear every juicy detail from you both! :-)p.s. I'm secretly hoping for 3 boys :-)


Go Karen! Tomorrow will be a joyful day- can't wait to welcome the little ones and learn their names, too!Megan


Karen! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to meet them all, and see your proud mama face!

Casey's trio

Karen and family,The best part of Jess's update was that you are feeling at peace about the scheduled c-section tomorrow! I hope that all goes well and will be waiting anxiously to hear that 3 healthy babies have entered the world. If it means anything, my Baby C was the smallest and she has been the spunkiest girl from the get-go! She is the alpha female in our house and now weighs the most and out muscles her sisters every chance she gets:)


Babies! Exciting! Before they are born, I feel compelled to throw out my guess for genders -- two boys and one girl. Can't wait to hear the update. :D


Yay, so exciting! Here's hoping all 3 do well.


thanks for the update! i have to confess: i was selfishly hoping the babies would come on sept. 20, because that's my birthday!! all kidding aside, best wishes for a safe delivery and speedy recovery for all!

Malky B

what exciting news! I will keep Karen and the babbies in my prayers for a safe and speedy delivery. Can't wait to see pictures of them.


Oh karen I will be thinking of you today. I do hope it goes wonderfully well.

Rachel Inbar

How exciting! I hope everything goes well :-) I'll be sitting here biting my nails (if I have any left by then).Go Karen!!!

Cindy amp; Brian

So excited and so happy!!! Sending LOTS of prayers and love to you, your husband and those precious babies! I cna't wait to see pictures! :)


Best of luck Karen. I hope all goes smoothly for you and the babies!Whitney


Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. Good luck today!


I'll be checking in like a fiend!

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