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September 12, 2007


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thinking of you, Karen. hang in there!


TONS of good thoughts for Karen and those babies. Thanks for updating!


Thinking good thoughts for you.


Wow, thank you so much for the update, I've been checking in all day


So glad the babies are still baking and Mom does not have pre e


great news about the pre-eclampsia and congrats on hitting 32 weeks. Tell those babes to sit tight!


Happy New Year Karen! I am thinking of you and hope all stays well!

My Reality

Jessica, thanks so much for the updates. Karen - you rock. You are seriously amazing! I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. Keep well and keep doing what you are doing, becuase you are doing a fantastic job!

Changing Expectations

Hang in there Karen. I am thinking good thoughts for you and your family!

The Dunn Family

Karen-This is my first comment, but you are amazing! Hang in there, and be so proud of your body and those little babies for staying nice and warm tucked in there. 32 weeks is a huge! accomplishment ... and every extra day is icing on the cake. You are doing such a great job!


You continue to amaze me Karen. HUgS!


She's a crazy tough lady. THinking good thoughts for the triplets!


Just two more weeks, Karen. Tell those little ones to stay put!


You go Karen! You are doing great. We are doing the happy 32 weeks dance for you!Whitney


thanks for the update, jessica! i'm glad to hear karen and the babies are hanging in there. and 32 weeks...that's wonderful!


That's great news! Keep it up, Karen, the slog is hard but the reward is great.Also, Happy New Year!


I am so glad to hear the pre-eclampsia diagnosis has been shelved for now. I went down that road with a singleton and it wasn't fun. I definitely don't want to see her dealing with that with three babies. Lots of prayers continuing and thanks a million for the update.

Casey's trio

You are one tough cookie...I think one of the requirements for being a triplet mom (plus one) is that "nothing phases you." It will be a quality that you get alot of use out of in the years to come!


Praying for the best!

Rachel Inbar

Thanks for the update & all my best to Karen!


Thank you Jessica for the update!I had an awful nightmare the first night of Rosh Hashanah about the situation, so I am glad to find this post and nervously await a post-Shabbat post that, I hope, will report that everything is holding steady -- no delivery yet necessary, contractions under control, preeclampsia still on the back burner, and the hospital stay uncomplicated by Yom Tov and Shabbat. All the best!

In and Out of Luck

Tons of good thoughts for you, Karen! L'Shana Tova and all best wishes

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