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September 24, 2007


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Cindy amp; Brian

MOO! Oh, Karen...how cute are you?!?!?!!!! And what beautiful names for your girls. I am just so thrilled for you and I keep all of you in my prayers! Watching/reading you gives me so much excitement about my own coming soon - yikes! How exciting!Take care! My heart is just so happy for you :)


It is so good to hear from YOU! I love the names and the meanings. BEAUTIFUL!!!

My Reality

It is so good to hear from you! I am so glad you and the babies are well. You daughter's names are beautiful. Smiley has a nice ring to it for the time being.


beautiful names, and your love is evident in every word you've written. congratulations a million times over!


Such beautiful names!! And the meanings are absolutely precious. Can't wait to hear Smiley's name too! I'm so glad you are all doing so well! I'm thinking about you and the kiddo's all the time! Can't wait to meet them!


What gorgeous names. My cousin is Abigail, and I've always loved her name.Can't wait to see you!!

In Search of Morning Sickness

Karen I just wanted to CRY reading this post... tears welled up in my eyes. You have three PRECIOUS babies! Having thier names made it all the more real. GO MOMMA!I have to say, your daughters' names are so beautiful and I LOVELOVELOVE that they have meaning behind them!!!! I hope you don't mind that I particularly love Eliana (my God has answered!!). We already have girls AND boys 1st names picked out, but middle names are open. We may borrow that one day.You know a boy's name I love is Ephriam. It means "fruitful" & Joseph names his 2nd born that saying "God has made me fruitful in a barren place" (his who Egypt journey from slave & prison to leader). Infertility is such a barren place emotionally and so lonely, if God blesses us with a pregnancy I can't see NOT using that name. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS momma! I'm so proud that you want to nurse all you can too. You are an AMAZING BEAUTIFUL (inside & out) WOMAN.


Congrats in person!! (well, close to in person)Beautiful names for your girls. I'm glad all 3 of them are doing well.


Oh! The girls' names are BEAUTIFUL! Avigayil is so pretty, and Eliana is just gorgeous. And they go together well, too! And the nicknames are just as pretty. And the meanings - they will appreciate that you really thought about what to name them and why, and what a story to tell! Congratulations again!


It was SO nice to read a post by you! I am glad you are doing well and love the names you've chosen. I am so happy for you.


Beautiful names. A very close girlfriend of mine is Jewish and when she had her first kid, she explained the whole tradition of the naming ceremony. Since then, I've always thought that sounds like a beautiful tradition and I also love how many of the names have such wonderful meanings! Looking forward to hearing what your little boy is named.Out of curiosity, do you have any idea when it will be medically possibly for his bris? Good for you on pumping and your commitment to nursing. I personally found it too challenging for me to keep up with and keep my sanity at the same time, so I admire your commitment to doing it. Go Karen!


Aww--I'm so happy for you Karen! Beautiful names. Can't wait to see you again and with the babies this time :)


i am over joyed for you!


That whole post was beautiful, even the cow parts! Gorgeous names so far and a great day to name them. Oh, Mazal Tov, Mama!


So glad you're all doing well. Your girls' names are lovely, and I'm sure that whatever you have in mind for your son will be just right =)


LOL, Ellie and Abby were my two top names!!! Needless to say I love them.But you're cicumcising your precious son? Oh, Karen, please don't. I have a friend who could contact you with halachic alternatives to mutilating that poor child.If you have to ruin his sex life, at least please get him anaesthesia, or wait until he's old enough to have a general.


Moo back at you. I always swore I was a milk cow or a wet nurse in a previous life. I love your daughters' names and can't wait for Smiley to be big enough and healthy enough to get his name (so we can find out). I am so, so happy for you and so glad I found your blog (just barely) in time to share this journey.

Egged Out

Hi Karen,Great to hear from you - thanks for taking the time to update us. Great names for the girls. I'm so happy your family is doing well!

Rachel Inbar

I cried through this whole post :-) I love the names you chose too! My daughter is also Avigayil & we call her Guli for short (now she likes to be called Guli Avigayil). Eliana is also beautiful. I always thought it had a kind of South American sound to it :-)I'm so glad to hear you're doing well. Take care of yourself!


Karen,Congrats on your beautiful babies. I was so overjoyed to see a post from you.I cannot wait to hear that you are all home safe and sound.I'm sure that the babies can't wait to see their froggy bedding. :-)Much love to you all,CherieP.S. FWIW, the anonymous poster had no business telling you what to do with your son. Whether anyone agrees or not, this was not the place for her to attack you.(and my boys are not circumcised)


Mozel Tov Karen! You made it!!! What great names, especially Abby :)

ms. c

Mazal tov again Karen. It's great to hear from you. You sound fantastic!Your baby girls have beautiful names. I can't wait to hear about Smiley. I hope your three angels bring you and Seth infine nachos.


It's soo good to "hear" from you - especially sounding so overjoyed. Your girlies have beautiful names (naturally, since they're such beautiful babies). Hopefully Smiley will be "official" soon.Glad to hear everyone is doing well!


Oh, Karen, so good to hear from you yourself! I am so glad you are well! And pumping! I am so glad you are pumping! You are amazing!Thank you so much for taking the time to post, for telling us a bit about the babies, about their personalities and your and your husband's relationship with them so far, by way of telling us about their names, both official and placeholder.What lovely names. How wonderful that they have meaning applicable to the circumstances. Are they also in memory of anyone?I had been imagining the girls having been named on YK. I think that is really nice. It struck me, however, that I know nothing of the procedure for multiple girls. How does the misheberach distinguish in absentia which girl is being named which name?I am so glad you are home and doing well. I assume all three babies are doing generally well. I hope they all come home soon. May your new children live happy lives.


P.S. I can't believe that anonymous comment about the bris. I'm sure that commenter posted out of feelings of care and concern, but seriously, this is not the time or place for that.And would such an assaultive comment do much to convince anyone anyway? That was not a good and helpful way to express care and concern, to offer ideas and assistance.And it's pretty ignorant to be advocating against circumcision and at the same time advocate for a medical circumcision under general anesthesia, which brings with it many risks and problems, over a ritual bris.Hmmm, all Jewish men must have completely ruined sex lives, eh?

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