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September 07, 2007


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Glad everything seems as stable as can be today. And that your bp went down! And congrats on the new PJs...there's nothing like a new pair of jammies. That would be why I have at least 12 pairs (sadly I'm underestimating).Take it easy, and rest lots. Have a great weekend!


I am glad some things have stabilized. The plan for next week sounds smart.It's surprising that the labs from Wednesday aren't yet back. Wouldn't the doctor want those answers right away? Or do those particular labs inherently take a while to process, so there is no putting a rush on them?Did you have a sonogram either Wednesday or today? You haven't said much on how the babies seem to be doing.You are doing great! I hope you have a very relaxing and uneventful Shabbat. Thank you so much for updating!(P.S. A 2nd day of RH appointment might be a good thing, and not only because it is the doctor's preference; if you have the appointment and help from a gentile friend arranged in advance, and the doctor will be aware of logistics, you would be in better shape for being home for RH and avoiding an emergency on Yom Tov/Shabbat.)


Ohhhh put on the jammies! It might be extra effort but you will feeeeellll sssssoooooo ggooooodddddd!!!!Every day you wake up at home is a good day isn't it? :)


You know, you are right. I was walking to the bus this afternoon at a snails pace and thought to myself "gestating is hard sometimes." And it is.


you want me to come down next friday (with the twins of course) and take you to your appointment? I can do that. It's noooo problem. Let me know. :)

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