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September 11, 2007


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The Town Criers

I'll freak out a little, but just because you told me not to and I never listen. Please have them update if possible. L'shana tova.


I might freak just a little, but that's just how I am. I hope that the monsters hang in for another 2 weeks!


Here's hoping for those two weeks. Just have someone let us know what's going on. We are praying that you will make it those two weeks. Kimberly and the GA Guinn Tripswww.guinnfamilyhome.com


You are getting closer, my dear. I definitely will freak a little too, but it is understandable. Maybe we could get a carrier pigeon for you!


I'll only freak out a little. Can't help but be a little concerned! Best of luck!!


I'm relieved to hear that you made it to 32 weeks, and now i hope you make it to 34. Shana tova to you and your expanding family...Let these babies arrive safely and much health, happiness and of course sweetness for all of you.


will be thinking about you over the next few days. L'shana tovah.


Just thinking of you and hoping for the best!


Please know that I will be thinking about you the whole time!!!Hang in there little ones!!! You have 100 years to be on the outside, whats 2 more weeks on the inside?


2 more weeks, and you'll have 4-5 pound babies, and you'll only have to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks so the babies can learn their sucking reflex :) Let's hope you hang in there.


Those BPs are indeed funny. Good job in keeping track of it all.I was thinking the same about it being better for you to be home for RH, for a number of reasons, though I was still for the pre-arranged Friday appointment. (Note that having such an appointment to avoid an actual emergency falls between the two extremes you describe and in some situations could be considered the best option halakhically.)Good for you for recognizing the statement made by the assistant about how many weeks you'll reach as annoying and instead anticipating the informed assessment from the doctor. What is with the non-doctors in that practice making those types of comments?I wish Dr. P. were there for you this week, too. But from what you've told us of the practice, all the doctors communicate really well, so I would expect your appointment today with Dr. G. will somewhat feel as if Dr. G. is doing it in consultation with Dr. P.I really believe too that you will make it to 34 weeks.Shanah tovah. May you have a Rosh Hashanah that sets the tone for a wonderful year.And may you have lovely Erev Sukkot babies!


I hope you hang in there for 2 more weeks! I can't believe that you're already at 32....Shana tova and feel good!

Rachel Inbar

I'll be thinking of you! Shana tova!!!


Of course it will freak us out a little if we don't hear from you for a bit! But I'll keep what you said in mind. Wishing you the best.

My Reality

If you are in the hospital now, hopefully someone will keep us posted. If anyone is going to get to 34 weeks, it is going to be you.


oh my gosh....i can't believe how close you're getting! you're in my thoughts...hang in there, little ones!


Karen...I just found your blog today and (hehehe) I've read most of it (from the beginning of the iui cycle to today's post). I am pulling for you and the 3 munchkins to make it 2 more weeks.


Hang in there! 32 weeks turned out fine for us, but I wouldn't wish my NICU experience on my worst enemy (it's just heart-breaking, even when your babies are healthy in there), so keep that BP down down DOWN!I was mostly happy about the hospital because the dog couldn't sleep on my bed there.....

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