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September 07, 2007


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I'm glad to hear that you're doing OK for now and don't have to be hospitalized yet. It's not at all surprising that growing THREE NEW HUMAN BEINGS is exhausting--I remember how tough one was, so I can't even imagine three of them at once. Your pajama-gram is such a great idea that I'm going to mention it to all of my Bradley students as a way to treat themselves nicely. And to the dads as a nice surprise for the moms.I hope that you're not actually pre-eclamptic and that the babies continue to grow and get bigger and healthier by the day.


Thanks for this post!I guess I am still surprised by the lack of a rush on labs that could have been done on Wednesday, but that perhaps has to do with my own experiences with doctors who, certain of their incorrect assessments, passed on taking labs, to my detriment. I mean, I understand about the 24-hour collection, but I would think they would have done a urine strip test for protein on the spot on Wednesday to get an informal idea.I'm relieved that the babies seem to be doing well. I've been thinking about little Baby C; I hope he (gender-neutral pronoun, though I have a hunch C is a boy) and his siblings are all shown to be growing well.It's great that you have a doctor you can trust.


Oh, good, they should be doing that every week. It was probably okay and was one of the things that helped your doctor decide that your situation was "creeping" not urgent.It's so good that you went in on Wednesday! I'm glad it turned out not to be urgent and that you've gotten all these labs done before the problems "creep" any further.

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