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August 12, 2007


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My Reality

I hope you monitoring goes well and you don't end up in the hospital. If you do, Jess will update us, right?I am hoping for nothing but good things for you and the babies, Karen.


Hi..I found you through a comment you made on one of the zillion blogs I read. I just had to tell you that I had a singleton pregnancy that was similar, complication wise, to yours. Just to let you know that you are sooo not in control....I was on complete bedrest, on my left side, pushing fluids, only allowed up for a 5 minute period three times a day, wearing a TOCOS contraction monitor, all starting at 24 weeks. I contracted A LOT was in and out of the hospital on multiple meds to stop contractions, BP shot up to frightening levels...THEN, at 38 weeks they said ok,get up enjoy yourself, if he comes it is fine. Well about 15 seconds after I was released from bed prison, my contractions stopped and at 39 3/4 weeks they ended up INDUCING me. Yep, we definately are not in control. In reading your back story this morning it brought back so many flashbacks. I just wanted to wish you well and let you know I have added you to my looooong list of blogs :)


Oh I hope your contractions stopped. I hope your night was easy and you will get to stay home propped up in your recliner. HUGS!


You *are* checking your blood glucose four times a day for a number of good reasons! Okay, this is making me angry, so I won't continue writing about that whole issue and only make some comments about the diet.Eating more should not in general be part of such a diet; that's ridiculous. For growing your babies? Perhaps, perhaps not. But following the guidelines about what types of food is a good idea. Also, timing is indeed important, as a large meal can do damage that two smaller meals will not. At the same time, combinations are important, because a small meal or snack should not consist only of foods that turn quickly to glucose, foods that are not limited to only "sugary foods." Though, on that topic, are you still drinking a Coke a day?I hope the contraction situation has calmed down by now.


ugh. i loathe patronizing people. argh! that is so frustrating. you can tell that woman to shove her 2500 calories or whatever. argh!hope you don't end up in the hospital!

Changing Expectations

Karen, I hope that the contractions have slowed down and that you are not going on hospital bedrest yet.Hang in there. I am thinking a lot about you and hoping that everything is going okay.


I hope that today's monitoring goes better and that you aren't contracting too much.I didn't realize that Dr. P didn't hospitalize patients unless there was no other option. It makes sense since he watched me like a hawk once I started showing signs of pre-eclampsia!As for the diet, I really don't think anyone can understand how difficult it is to eat much of anything when pregnant with high order multiples! There is just no room for food (at least that's how I felt). As for the gestational diabetes label - for goodness sake, you are pregnant with triplets, you are on terbutaline and you have PCOS, all of which increase your chances! Ignore her attitude, she doesn't sound like a very happy or nice person. As for the diet, I never, ever felt like I was eating enough

Lea Bee

oh, i hope you don't end up in the hospital. *crosses fingers for less contractions*

Malky B.

Diabetes educator sounds like a real pill. If your numbers are good I'd say keep doing what you were doing but maybe drop the Regular Coke if you haven't done so already. Hang in there.


*hugs* Good luck. And steak... eat steak.(if you possibly can) cuz hey, no carbs, lotsa calories, and yum!


I'm so sorry you have to check your bloodsugar like that with no evidence that you have GD! I'll be doing that again relatively soon, I'm sure. I had GD wtih my first pregnancy, so I'm sure it will happen again. At least for now, I can still have ice cream. I think the food schedule was the worst. Breakfast, protein/carb snack, lunch, protein/carb snack, dinner, protein/carb snack. And they told me when I could/couldn't have milk, and when I could/couldn't have fruit. Ahh, the memories. I really hope that your contractions slow down! It would not be fun to be stuck in the hospital. I'm thinking about you!!


ugh, I really hope you don't have to go to the hospital. I know it will all be worth it and a year from now you will laugh at all of this trouble (laugh I tell ya!!!) but for now I hope the babies can calm down a little bit and stop the darn contractions!

The Town Criers

I love when people who aren't you and aren't even living with you tell you that they know your life/habits/actions better than you do...grrrr...


Ugh, I can only imagine how awful and sick you feel to be eating so often. I felt the same near the end of my pregnancy (at which point I was probably as full of baby as you are with 3 at this point). There was simply no room in my abdomen for food, and all it did was make me nauseated. Did the educator have any idea what she was talking about in the first place?I hope that the contractions stop very soon!

Emma B.

2500 calories? That's ridiculously low -- Barbara Luke's multiples book recommends 3600 with twins, and more for triplets and quads. Clearly the diabetes educator has zero experience with multiple pregnancies. The general advice for singleton mothers is to eat 500 calories a day extra during their pregnancy, so that's 1500 calories right there you need just to support the babies, plus whatever it takes to support your own metabolism. If you're not taking in that much, the babies will get what they need from your reserves. Unfortunately, though, you wind up losing muscle as well as fat, especially if you're on restricted activity. A multiple pregnancy can leave you really physically debilitated, and good nutrition can help fight that off. It's really tough to eat that much, though, especially in the later stages. Good luck with it all, and I hope the contractions calm down.

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